In 2013, Team RWB established a core research team to measure, analyze, and communicate the impact of its programs on veterans and American communities. The Eagle Research Center proactively measures the organization’s outputs and outcomes to improve the quality of members’ experience with its programs and to continuously inform and refine its programming at the community level.  The research conducted focuses on measuring the impact of our two core programs: the Chapter and Community Program, and the Leadership Development Program.



Team RWB is building an evidence basis by quantitatively measuring its impact. Over 1,800 veterans surveyed in 2014 and 2,500 surveyed in 2015 self-reported increases in creating authentic relationships with others, increasing their sense of purpose, and improving their health, by participating in Team RWB. Veterans also noted that participating in Team RWB had indirect benefits in their family relationships and work. Improvements on these dimensions contribute to an enriched life, with more program engagement leading to more enrichment. A randomized controlled trial is currently underway by Teachers College, Columbia University. This research design will control for the biases in the current data.


The Eagle Research Center investigated the ways being a volunteer RWB chapter leader helps the organization, and impacts self-reported change in leadership behaviors. We surveyed volunteer RWB leaders in December 2014, with a self-report, computer administered survey. The questionnaire was designed based upon our definition of leadership and the academic literature. 103 Chapter Captains (CC) & 200 volunteer leaders in non-CC positions (“other leaders”) responded to the survey. Volunteer Team RWB leaders reported that being a Chapter leader causes them to provide vision through inspiration and goal setting, build authentic relationships, and get others to work together to execute the vision.

Being a part of Team RWB has caused me to…
All Statistics Represent Frequently/Very Active Veteran Members.


Exercise more frequently


Maintain a healthier weight


Feel less down, depressed, or hopeless

As a member of Team RWB, I have…


Taken pride in my teammates’


Observed an inspired/renewed sense of
national pride in our community


Gone outside of my comfort zone to do
something for the benefit of the team

Our program of research in 2016 will focus on outcomes related to our Enrichment Equation (Health, People, and Purpose), and the impact of Team RWB on the Civilian-Military Divide. With the growth and development of our Eagle Leader Academy, we have initiated research projects to identify practices of effective leaders and leadership teams and leadership service impact. We will also expand our academic partnerships to enhance knowledge development across academic disciplines that improves the lives America’s veterans, their families, and communities.

To view the IVMF report, download the report below.

IVMF Report

Being a part of Team RWB has caused me to…


Feel more satisfied with my life


Find more purpose in my life


Create more meaning in my life