Annual Report


Chapter and Community Program


Our chapters deliver local, consistent, and inclusive opportunities for veterans and the community to connect through physical and social activity. They host regular fitness activities, social gatherings and community service events, and facilitate building strong local connections with members and organizations within the community.


A Unique Veteran Interaction (UVI) occurs whenever a member who is a veteran physically interacts with our organization. This typically happens via attendance at local, regional, or national events.


A Unique Civilian Interaction (UCI) occurs whenever a member who is a civilian physically interacts with our organization. This could happen via attendance at local, regional, or national events.

Team RWB has literally saved my life. I have struggled with depression at times and went to a very dark place where I didn’t think I was going to climb out of. Team RWB reached out to me, they grabbed my hands and helped pull me out of the pit. Without my Team RWB family, I don’t believe I would be here today. I will forever be grateful for Team RWB.

—Jessica Cunningham, Active Duty, Member, Southcentral Region


It is incredible, the positive impact Team RWB has on people’s lives. We all come from different walks of life, but together, we are united as one. Team RWB is changing people’s lives, it is a movement, a community, and it is growing every day. I am thankful for the support Team RWB has provided for me.

—Casey McCabe, Veteran, Member, Mid-Atlantic Region


A Team RWB Event is scheduled and planned by local leaders, then executed in such a way that we can ensure a consistent, positive experience for our members.

Local / Consistent Exercise Events

The bread and butter of our chapters—these provide opportunities for members to spend time together and engage in some type of exercise. These activities are varied in time, type and location, and may take the form of running, CrossFit, Yoga and many other group activities.

Local Races / Athletic Events

There are opportunities for members to meet and participate in local athletic events such as 5K races / mud runs / relays. These events occur at least once per quarter and are great for team-building, connection with the community and creating a sense of shared accomplishment.

Social Events

These events are often conducted in concert with a physical fitness event, such as a post-race picnic. However, they are sometimes purely social in nature, such as attending a local sporting event or hosting a barbecue. Social events are great ways to involve families and to provide a no / low pressure access point for members who are not comfortable with physical fitness or group settings.

Community Service Events

These provide opportunities for our members to provide a service to the community that aligns with our mission, often centered on veterans or physical fitness / athletics. These events are inclusive, team-focused, and fulfilling for all involved and may take the form of volunteering at a veteran’s homeless shelter, participating in a local Special Olympics event, or handing out water and drinks at a local race.

Eagle Engagement

Some of the most important interactions that take place in our organization, these one-on-one or small group connections allow veteran / community members to experience physical, social, and community activities without necessarily having to participate with a large group.  These are great ways to build genuine relationships with others in the community.

Team RWB has given me the friends and support I’ve been missing since I joined the military. I feel more fulfilled, like I’m part of something bigger that’s helping people every day.

—Preston Tharp, Active Duty, Eagle Leader, Pacific Region