Annual Report


Eagle Leadership Development Program


The Eagle Leadership Development Program is a sequential, 36-month curriculum designed to educate, mentor, move, and elevate our Eagle Leaders to build better communities, enrich veterans’ lives, and in turn, build a better America, with the ultimate goal of building the most professional and effective volunteer-led organization in America.

What is Eagle Leadership?

Eagle Leadership is all about building genuine relationships. Eagle Leaders are empathetic, authentic, and loyal leaders that build genuine relationships to effectively carry out Team RWB’s mission of enriching veterans’ lives.

Eagle Leaders are:
  • Empathetic to veterans, teammates, and people.
  • Authentic to themselves (Know yourself).
  • Genuine to others (Understand others).
  • Loyal and committed to their communities.
  • Effective in carrying out the mission under the Eagle Ethos.
Eagle Leader Camps

Team RWB conducted 19 Eagle Leader Camps in 2016 that hosted a triathlon, trail running, yoga, functional fitness, rowing, rock climbing, and GORUCK activities. We also debuted an Eagle Leader Camp on Storytelling.
379 camp participants responded to surveys to provide feedback on their camp experiences.

Outstanding, Inspiring, Humbling. I have made lifelong friends and have a better understanding of issues others are dealing with. It amazes me after talking with people I met there, how much so many have overcome.

—Team RWB Member

The Eagle Way

The Eagle Way is Team RWB’s cutting edge approach to facilitating leadership development by way of whole-brain integration, through the interconnection of education, movement, genuine relationships (outer integration), and elevation.

  • Education (Logic): E-learning, Classroom, Readings, Videos, Podcasts
  • Movement (Coordination): Yoga, Running, Rucking, Functional Fitness
  • Genuine Relationships (Social/Outer integration): Mentorship, Socials, Meals, Events, White Space
  • Elevation (Emotions & Self-Reflection): Sharing Stories, Authenticity, Vulnerability, Empathy, Laughing, Crying, Inspiration & Motivation
The Eagle Leader E-Learning Platform

The E-Learning platform is designed to virtually educate, train, and elevate our Eagle Leaders to professionally develop their leadership skills to action leadership. The E-Learning platform is a cutting edge gamified framework to uniquely engage our Eagle Leaders to nurture a love of learning, foster reflection, but most of all, to inspire action in their community, not only through our own platform, but through best-in-class partnerships with Brené Brown & LinkedIn Learning.


Ghandi has a saying that, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,” and by doing just that I have been able to find myself again.

—Kristi Powell, Veteran, Eagle Leader, Midwest Region