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In 2016, the Eagle Research and Innovation Center (ERIC) saw important growth in its ability to measure, analyze, and communicate the impact of Team RWB’s programs on veterans and American communities. In 2016, we conducted the Team RWB annual survey, which yielded responses from over 5,000 Team Members. Findings from the 2016 annual survey highlighted the increased enrichment that comes from serving as an Eagle Leader (see infographic). In 2016, we created a measurement tool designed to measure “enrichment” of Team RWB veterans, active duty members, and civilians. In early 2017, we plan to scientifically validate this scale for usage across diverse populations.

Team RWB has actively contributed to the growing knowledge basis in the veteran serving space, as well as other disciplines, such as mental health, nursing, and criminology.

Local chaptered events are exciting for me. Why? It’s the curiosity in the eyes of the person who is showing up for the first time. It’s the commitment of those returning back for another challenge. It’s the events where I met someone and I explain the ease of being an Eagle and the priceless benefit of learning about someone who you met 15 minutes prior. That connection is meaningful and genuine… something that is much needed in society today.

—Will Wright, Veteran, Eagle Leader, Northwest Region

Our research has shown that the most active members experience the most enrichment.
This is especially true of our Eagle Leaders. Enrichment comparisons between 814 Eagle Leaders and 3,763 team members, demonstrated that Eagle Leaders reported more improved health, genuine relationships, and more found purpose in life because of Team RWB than non-leaders.

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