For those athletes that participated in the Twin Cities Marathon, you all know it was a great weekend!  Like Genevieve mentioned in her last post, we had several people set new PR’s, break the 4 hour mark, and even qualify to run the Boston Marathon.  So, I have to ask….are you ready to do it again??  I know how tempting it is to relax after a big race.  After my first half marathon, I didn’t run for a month!  You just devoted hours and hours of your life to running and there is something so appealing about coming home after work to sit on the couch, instead of lacing up those running shoes.  But once you hear about the upcoming events for Team RWB, you will want to put those running shoes back on!  We have several events planned for 2011, including…

The Austin Marathon and Half Marathon, the American Odyssey Relay Race, the San Francisco Marathon and Half Marathon, the West Point 100K and Relay, the Marine Corps Marathon, and the JFK 50 Miler.  And for all the triathletes out there, we have several triathlons, including White Lake (NC), the DC Tri, Superfrog (CA), and Ironman Arizona. 

Remember that feeling at the end of your race in Minnesota?  The one where you felt great because you accomplished something you never thought possible?  Here’s your chance to do it again!  

Email me ([email protected]) if you are interested in any of these races!

Happy running!


Sorry for our absence lately, Jennifer and I have taken a week or so off from the blogging world after a crazy weekend in Twin Cities.  We had an amazing inaugural event with the Operation Minnesota Nice Pre-race Pasta Dinner, the Twin Cities Marathon and 10 Mile, and the after race partying!!!  We had dozens of athletes successfully finish their first marathon.  Several people ran PRs, many athletes broke the elusive 4:00 mark, and one Team RWB marathoner qualified for the Boston Marathon.  Congratulations to all of you!

In the coming months we have several other athletes participating in events nation wide including the M1 Challenge in Detroit this weekend, the Marine Corp Marathon on Halloween, the JFK 50 Mile, the White Rock Marathon, and countless others.  Check out for information about joining another event.

We are also calling for pictures.  If you were in Twin Cities, or any event supporting Team RWB, and have any great pictures, please email them to [email protected] Many pictures have been posted on Facebook, I need files for some of these great pics to get them on our website!

Happy running,