Want to join Team RWB for one of the best marathons in the country?!  The Marine Corps Marathon is a great race, whether it is your first or 20th marathon (there is a reason registration closed in 28 hours)!  You will run, with tens of thousands of your closet friends, through the streets of Washington DC, finishing on a hill near the Iwo Jima Memorial.  There is great crowd support, the weather is typically perfect for running, and you can do it all with Team RWB!  There will be a Team RWB pre-race dinner and post-race party.  So, come run for a great cause, see the beautiful sights in DC, and spend some time with your RWB friends!   Mark your calendar – the race is Sunday, October 30 at 8 AM!  

-Were you lucky enough to register for the race in February when  it opened? 

Fundraiser:  If you are interested in fundraising for Team RWB, please create a profile through our online donation website.  Our runners that fundraise a minimum of $100 will be provided a Team RWB shirt and a ticket to our pre-race pasta dinner at no charge.  Go to www.firstgiving.com/teamrwb to get started.   

Awareness:  If you are interested in supporting Team RWB and helping to get the word out about our cause, but don’t feel comfortable fundraising, you are still welcome on the team!  We simply ask that you pay $20 for your shirt and will be asked to pay for your meal at the pre-race pasta dinner (price TBD).

-Not yet registered for the race, but still want to run?  It’s not too late!

Through our Charity Partnership with the Marine Corps Marathon, runners that were not able to register for the race during open registration are given another opportunity. To cover the cost of forming this charity partnership, as well as providing funding for our veteran programs, we ask that all charity partner runners commit to fundraise a minimum of $400.

The registration process:

  • Complete the Team RWB Charity Partnership Marathon Registration Form and email it to [email protected]. You will receive an email confirmation about your registration from Team RWB, however you will not receive one from race officials until a later date. You will be given a link to our online donation website. Please create a page within this site to track your fundraising. 
  • Once all our charity partner registration spots are filled, Team RWB will finalize the registration process with race coordinators, you will not receive a confirmation email from the Marine Corp Marathon until this time.  This step may not take place until as late as August, however spots may fill earlier.
  • Race officials will email an e-confirmation card on September 20, please print this information, as you will need it at packet pick-up.
  • During this process you will receive information from Team RWB about reserving your seat at our pre-race pasta dinner on October 29.  This dinner is provided free of charge for our charity partner runners, as a thank you for your support. As a charity partner runner, you will also receive a Team RWB wicking shirt.

If you have any questions throughout this process, feel free to email [email protected] or [email protected]

For links to the information regarding MCM and all of our races, go to http://www.teamrwb.org/our-events/races.

Happy running!


A little change of pace here on the Team RWB Blog.  We have been focusing our posts on marathon training and running tips.  In order to represent the whole of our organization, we will now be making occasional posts about Team RWB’s programs, our veterans, and advocates, along with our athletes and Team RWB athlete events.  So to start us off, we have a guest post from an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, Sergeant (Ret) Benjamin Wisenbaugh.

Veteran Guest Post: Sergeant (Ret) Benjamin Wisenbaugh

I am sure that at one point in all our lives we have felt like we didn’t fit in and that nobody understood what we were going through. What we would have given to have someone to talk to who understood us and didn’t judge.  As we get older, we realize that there are plenty of people who have gone through the same things—and that the things we thought we couldn’t handle just turned out to be the thing we call life.  Being in the military, around those who have shared experiences, is somewhat comforting.  But what happens to a soldier when he or she separates from the military?  Thankfully, most Americans have no idea about the horrors of war or what it’s like to have a physical disability, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).   Far too often, the visible and invisible wounds are overwhelming and often cause many hardships. Maintaining relationships and employment, among other things, become difficult….or impossible in some cases.  Look no further than the joblessness, homelessness and divorce rates in the veteran community.  They are disproportionately high.

There are agencies out there that help us get through day-to-day life. Although these groups are necessary and help countless veterans, most of them cannot address the long-term problems or get to the root of the issue.

There are far too many veterans who need more.

That’s where Team Red, White and Blue comes in. The dedicated members of this organization aim to fill the gap left by other groups. The goal of Team RWB is to forge long-lasting relationships, friendships and to help veterans reintegrate into the society for whom they have sacrificed so much. Team RWB is more than just an aid organization.  They support veterans from all the services and from various backgrounds.  They sponsor sporting events, outings for veterans, fundraisers, financial assistance and so much more.  In this instance, they empowered me to write a blog entry after participating in several Team RWB events.

I am one of those veterans who has been helped and inspired by Team RWB. Before they came along, I didn’t have much hope for my future or for the future of my family. When I was introduced to Team RWB, I realized that there are people who genuinely care about and help wounded veterans because they feel it’s their turn to give back and support those who have fought for our country.  In just several months, I have a renewed faith that as Team Red, White and Blue grows, the number of veterans in need will shrink.

You can do your part, too.  I urge you to get involved with Team RWB or another veteran support organization.  Your support will have a bigger impact than you probably realize.  Because our first President’s words are as true today as they were over 200 years ago: “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”

By: Sergeant (Ret) Benjamin Wisenbaugh