Video: Team RWB Yoga Camp

As I was walking into the airport last night, I was quickly reminded of a special event from just a few weeks earlier. I was on my way to NYC for a camp that I had been planning for months, with individuals whom I had never met before, and in a location I had never been. We had all come together for one goal: to bring the experience of (Bikram) yoga to a group of veterans. What came out of that weekend surpassed our wildest expectations, and I can safely say was a life changing experience for me personally. (more…)


This week I was honored to speak with one of our TRWB Veteran’s, Richard Brija.  He was kind enough to share with me his story of overcoming adversity and getting his life back on track despite a barrage of health related obstacles.  With his blessing, I now want to share that inspirational story with our larger community in the hopes that you will feel as impressed and motivated as I was by his spirit and determination. (more…)