Written by Cadet Judy Farrow

I am a Cow (junior) at West Point in the Class of 2015. I joined Team RWB West Point at the beginning of my Yearling (sophomore) year in the fall of 2012, and instantly became a believer in the team and everything it represents. In spring of 2013, I registered to run the Pittsburgh Marathon and spent an awesome weekend with wonderful hosts from Team RWB Western Pennsylvania. That weekend inspired me to help spread the word about the team and what it does for our veterans. (more…)

By Jonathan Silk
National Veterans Outreach Director
[email protected]

After over a decade of Counterinsurgency Warfare, Operation Iraqi Freedom  and Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans are familiar with the statement: “The population is the prize!”  That same mindset is what guides us at Team RWB. The Veteran population is the prize and we are focused on enriching the lives of Veterans.

We accomplish this by connecting them to communities through physical and social activity. One type of physical fitness that has been growing in popularity is functional fitness. In an effort to bring the physical activity to Veteran populations, several Team RWB Chapters have started employing mobile functional fitness workouts as a technique to connect Veterans and community members. (more…)

Colleen Clancy is an athlete from Team RWB Syracuse.  She joined Team RWB in the summer of 2012 and has been a constant source of support for several athletes and veterans.  Physical fitness has become a big part of Colleen’s life, and Team RWB is a big part of that positive experience.

In 1996, I topped the scales at approximately 230 pounds. I fought the battle with weight for most of my life; I tried Nutrisystem, the Diet Workshop, Weight Watchers…you name it, nothing worked. Finally, I decided to give it one more try and with a lot of hard work and determination I lost 122 pounds on my own!  My primary forms of exercise were walking and riding a stationary bike; it wasn’t very exciting, but it was effective.

I stayed active over the years and was able to maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise.  However, in 2010, I suffered some personal heartbreak (my boyfriend was involved in a car accident which resulted in a fatality, I lost my cousin to cancer, and my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer).  While I was trying to cope with all this turmoil, my healthy lifestyle took a backseat and, I put on some pounds. (more…)

By Andrew Hutchinson – Team RWB Director of Camps and Special Programs

From the corner of the gym I heard someone yell, “Let’s go Tim, you got it!” I turned my head from where I was standing to see a small group of veterans gathering underneath Team RWB Houston member Tim Brumley. As Tim slowly made his way up the wall, more encouragement started coming in, “You got it buddy, almost there!” Soon the whole group of climbers was crowded around Tim, willing him to get up the wall. Tim, prosthetic leg and all, slowly inched his way towards the top. Just feet from the top, he seemed to suddenly tire, and for a moment, it seemed as if he would fall short of completing the ascent. We all held our breath in nervous anticipation—Tim, through shear determination and effort, slowly covered the few remaining feet. As the group cheered wildly, Tim grasped the last hold, thrust his body upward, and rang the bell at the top.

Just 15 hours earlier, all hope for the inaugural Team RWB rock climbing camp seemed lost. (more…)