My name is Anna Thompson, and I am the Athletic Director for Team RWB Dallas/Fort Worth.  There are all sorts of stories that inspire me; it is my hope that sharing my story will inspire others to challenge what is “possible.”

Athletics have always been a part of my life, but I am by no means a “natural” athlete.  From a very young age, I realized that what I lack naturally could be made up with hard work.  I had a family and teachers that supported this belief, and encouraged me to use my competitive spirit to better myself and create opportunities.  I was a three sport athlete in high school, and was blessed with the opportunity to play softball in college.  I was a traditional “team sports” athlete and certainly NOT a runner!  In fact,about half-way through my final season during my senior year of college I tore my left meniscus, and had a lot of problems following what should have been a simple knee surgery.  After a few months of rehab I was told that I’d be lucky if my knee lasted a few more years, and that I should expect a full knee replacement before my 30th birthday. (more…)