Written by Sean O’Neill & Jamie Malinowski

Sean’s Story:

Greetings Team Red, White & Blue

I’m a fairly new member to the team. I had just heard about the team from a friend in Chicago shortly before the Boston Marathon bombing. After seeing Team RWB’s response to the terrorist attack, I knew this was a group I wanted to join.

My name is Sean O’Neill – former Infantry Captain, United States Marine Corps – decorated Iraq Combat Veteran. I served in Iraq in 2005 in Al-Anbar province along the Euphrates, where our unit lost 48 Marines and Sailors. After returning home I’ve tried to deal with Post Traumatic Stress through physical activity. I ran the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon with my fellow Marines, and the Marines from another amazing group, Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness. We ran to honor and remember the 48 brothers we lost.


Written by Jessica Tyra

My name is Jessica Tyra, and I’m currently a stay at home mother to three beautiful children.  I became a member of Team RWB when we moved from Fort Riley, KS to Tampa during the summer of 2013. The chapter welcomed me as soon as we arrived. Right away, I was invited to runs, races, and BBQs.  I remember my first BBQ was at the Homeless Emergency Project, and I was able to meet some veterans who were currently homeless.

I was part of the Army from 2003-2010, during which I deployed twice.  My second deployment occurred while I was a single mother during the Surge from February 2007 – April 2008.  These 15 months were by far the hardest of my life.  My son lived with my parents, and I only got phone calls with him when possible, as Skype just didn’t work on our FOB.  I was lucky to receive emails from my mother with pictures and updates from him, as well as numerous care packages from back home!  Amazingly, my old elementary school adopted my unit, and I would get up to 15 boxes at a time to distribute throughout the whole AO.


We are proud and very excited to announce that starting today, Team RWB members can “make their miles matter” no matter where you walk, run or bike.  How, you ask? Because we are now a featured non-profit organization partner on Charity Miles.

How does it work?  Go to the app store and search for “Charity Miles.”  Download the app, which is free.  Then every time you go out for a walk, run or bike ride, open the app and choose Team RWB.  Log your workout and Charity Miles will donate $0.25 for every mile you walk/run and $0.10 for every mile you bike!

And we are kicking off this partnership today with a little extra motivation.  Anna Judd, a civilian member of our Los Angeles chapter, is kicking off her run across America tomorrow!  She will be logging over 3,000 miles on Charity Miles in the next two months…..WOW! To be a part of her epic event, after you select Team RWB, choose ‘#runAmerica’ so that your miles add up to inspire Anna, too.

Whether you are an active member of a Team RWB chapter – or you are 1 of the 35,500 members of our Veteran Ambassador Program (VAP) – you can make a big impact on our mission through Charity Miles.  Simply download the app and make sure you log your miles when you run, walk or bike.


Team RWB

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