The Year of the Eagle I always used to think that my spirit animal was a puppy. Thanks to our nation’s veterans, I now know for certain that it is an eagle.

This past year, I picked my whole life up and moved it to Washington, DC to work for Congress. My college roommates and I all moved to different corners of the country, I left my loving and supportive family in Ohio, and I found myself moving into a house I found, and now love, on Craiglist (my new roommates are lovely and are not murderers, don’t worry). I knew that I was moving far away from some very special people, but I was optimistic that I would make new friends in a new city.

I got lucky. What I found instead was a powerful community of veterans and civilians, meaningful connections with those who have served, and a renewed love for my country. (more…)







These traits have been ingrained in me from an early age. I have my parents, Holly and Kevin, to thank for instilling the importance of these traits. They taught me how to love, live, and be a good person. My entire family has taught me how to overcome adversity and obstacles. They taught me to be a strong woman and leader, and fight for what I believe in. They showed me in my young age how the Army Values and living with integrity would always ensure success. They love me and support me in whatever I do. Knowing this empowering feeling has enabled me to share it and instill it in others. (more…)

Last weekend Team RWB sponsored 8 Veteran athletes from across the nation, who competed in the Working Wounded Games in Alexandra, VA.  The games are a CrossFit styled event designed to level the playing field for adaptive athletes. These team members exemplified the Eagle Ethos of Passion, People, Positivity, Commitment, Camaraderie, and Community. Read their stories below: (more…)