Lisa Jaster is most often recognized as one of three women to graduate the US Army’s Ranger School. In this honest and inspiring discussion, we learn that she is so much more. Lisa is a West Point graduate and a Veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. She’s also a wife to a Recon Marine and a mother to two beautiful children…and a member of Team RWB’s Houston Chapter.

We cover a number of interesting topics including:
• Her motivation for going after Ranger School.
• The importance of having strong family support.
• Dealing with doubters and detractors.
• Coming back to the real world.
• Moving past broad generalizations.
• Our need for community and organizations like Team RWB.
• Even CrossFit, Ju-Jitsu, and Triathlon.

We want to thank Lisa for taking the time to share her story with us. We know that she doesn’t do many interviews and we’re very lucky to have her as part of our community. She offers a ton of wisdom and motivation for all of us. Please enjoy this episode and share it with your friends.

Jason McCarthy is a combat Veteran, former Green Beret, and the founder of GORUCK. We caught up with him at GORUCK HQ in Jacksonville Beach to talk about combat, coming home, and moving forward.

Team RWB and GORUCK have a strong a growing relationship that is rooted in our shared passion for building richer lives and stronger communities. We’ve partnered on the Kill That 5k race series, Team RWB / GORUCK Leadership Camps, and the forthcoming Bridging the Gap weekends.

Jason and I have a great talk over a Bud Heavy and cover a bunch of big topics, including:
• How Special Forces training has prepared us to build a business.
• Why you should do more awesome stuff with good people.
• How it feels to hit rock-bottom and what it takes to pull through.
• The fact that we all have much more in common that we think.

This episode is an inside look at a remarkable Veteran that has continued his mission to serve America long after taking off the uniform. I’m proud to count Jason as a friend and we’re proud to have GORUCK as a partner.

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Beyond this introduction we have also posted two additional episodes:
Jason McCarthy, Founder of GORUCK on rucking, rock-bottom, and building better Americans
Lisa Jaster, The Woman in the Arena

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By Joe Quinn, Director of Leadership Development


“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world…”

Spoken in 1913, President Wilson’s words echo just as true today. These words resonate with the volunteer leaders of Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) all across the country. Team RWB exists to enrich the lives of our nation’s veterans by connecting them to their communities through physical and social activity. We’ve found that the best way to enrich lives and change communities is through local, consistent engagement and interaction.

This is made possible by our Eagle Leaders.

Leaders that are motivated, inspired and have the right resources and mentorship to be effective each and every day. Our vision is that Team RWB will have a leading role in transforming our communities — showing America what it means to start working together again, and start moving forward in a positive direction.

Since we understand the critical role that leadership plays in our organization, we will invest heavily in our leaders through the Eagle Leadership Development Program. As part of this investment, Team RWB launched the first Eagle Leader Academy at our Headquarters in Tampa, FL in March. The Academy featured 15 Eagle Leader Fellows (leaders selected to take part in a 12-month fellowship), over a dozen Chapter Captains from across the country, and a handful of new executive staff members.

The three-day Academy provided an opportunity for leaders from across the organization to come together under one roof to discuss Team RWB’s brand of leadership. Our leaders spent time working out together, sharing meals together, but more importantly, discussing our ethos, values, and culture, and what it means to be an Eagle Leader. The Academy opened with each leader sharing their personal story and their ‘why’. Why Team RWB. Why they choose to be a leader in the organization, and why it matters.

The Academy also served as an orientation for our 15 Eagle Leader Fellows. Here at Team RWB, we believe in the 10/20/70 model for learning and development: 10% education, 20% mentorship and 70% just rolling up the sleeves, and being given a chance to lead in a positive environment. Over the next 12 months, our Eagle Leader Fellows will be immersed in leadership training and development consisting of education, experiences, and mentorship. Eagle Leader Fellows will pursue a fully funded accredited certificate in leadership (or equivalent external leadership education) from top universities and programs in addition to the full complement of Team RWB leader development curriculum. Each candidate will also have full access to attend Team RWB Athletic & Leadership camps, as well as leadership seminars and summits. And most importantly, each candidate will be mentored by actively working on projects with their Team RWB Regional teams, to put their leadership education and experiences into action.

In the end, these Eagle Leaders came to Tampa to develop their leadership skills to go back home to enrich veterans’ lives, to enrich their communities, and in turn, to enrich the world.