Leo Jenkins’ credentials include Army Ranger, Author, Traveler, Surfer, Triathlete, CrossFitter, Runner…and having drank a beer in all 50 states!

Leo and I have a really interesting conversation that includes:
• The difficulty of coming home after war
• The benefits of travel and exploration
• Finding a state of “flow”
• Road trips from Alaska to Panama
• Redefining success for ourselves

This podcast will definitely make you think. We really appreciate Leo taking the time to share his experiences with Eagle Nation.


Jeff Galloway is a former Olympian turned running coach, and has touched over a million runners in his career through his books, running schools, training programs and coaching.

He’s done all sorts of amazing things in his life, to include some of the below:
• 1972 US Olympian in the 10,000 meters
• Serving in the U.S. Navy
• Training with Steve Prefontaine
• Writing North America’s best-selling running book
• Writing a column for Runner’s World Magazine
• Founder of the Run Walk Run method
• Started the first ever running specialty store in North America

Jeff’s a legend in the running world, and we have a great discussion that ranges from a drive across America in an old Volvo that changed the direction of his life, to the mental/physical connection in running.


Jessica Jones Meyers is combat veteran, professional triathlete, and most impressively, mother of twins. She has been a Team RWB leader and ambassador from our earliest days.

In this inspirational and sometimes raw conversation, we discuss:
• Adjusting to life after deployment
• The not-so-glamorous life of professional triathletes
• Overcoming our own expectations and ego
• Raising great kids as a divorced parent
• Being an original Team RWB member
• Deciding to go for it, and chase your dreams

Sadly, at least for our triathletes, we don’t get into swimming technique or how to improve your transition times. However, I think that everyone will benefit greatly from spending some time with Jessica. We can’t thank her enough for her courage and honesty in this really powerful podcast.


Bill Rausch is a former Army Officer, he’s spent time on the hill advocating for Veteran’s issues in DC, he was a consultant, he’s a husband and father, and he’s a local volunteer leader for Team Red, White, and Blue – in addition to being the Executive Director for Got Your 6. Got Your 6 is doing really important work bridging the civilian-military divide, and it’s a great organization.

He’s as well connected a person in D.C. as anyone as it relates to Veterans’ issues, and you’ve likely seen him on C-Span providing analysis on various Veteran related topics as well.

Bill and I have a varied and wide-ranging conversation, covering:
● Leadership
● Community
● Growing up in the rural Midwest
● Veterans involved in the civic process
● And finally, Michigan-Ohio State Football

Bill’s a great American, and a good friend – I’m proud to spend some time with him picking his brain on this episode! We had a few small technical difficulties with the microphone, so apologies if there is any noticeable static; however, Bill is so engaging, you won’t even realize it’s there!


This week, we introduce J.J. Pinter, Team RWB’s Deputy Director. In addition to being a great guy and an incredible leader, J.J. will be sharing hosting duties on the Eagle Nation Podcast.

We have a wide-ranging conversation that covers:
• Where Team RWB is headed
• The “Sea of Goodwill”
• Finding work/life/personal balance
• Our favorite books and podcasts for life-long learning
• Taking a leap and pursuing your passion

We’re lucky to have J.J. as co-host of the Eagle Nation Podcast and look forward to his interviews with some amazing guests. Please join us in welcoming him to the microphone!