Major General (Retired) Chris Cortez served in the United States Marine Corps for 33 years. As an Infantry officer, he led Marines at every level, from platoon to division. After leaving the military, Chris took on a new mission at Microsoft and has committed himself to supporting Veterans that are interested in moving into the tech industry. Through the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy, Veterans are getting incredible training and certifications that put them on the path to jobs, not only at Microsoft, but with companies across the tech sector.

In this conversation, we talk with Maj. Gen. (Ret) Cortez about:
• His transition from the military and how he found his new mission.
• Why Veterans are great employees for the tech sector.
• The power of the Old Glory Relay and how it brings communities together.
• How Veterans can get training that leads to high-paying job.
• Why Microsoft is “all-in” on supporting Team RWB.


Kelly Starrett is a doctor of physical therapy and has become the authority on human movement. He’s been closely involved with CrossFit since the early days. His gym San Francisco CrossFit was one of the first 50 affiliates, and he was head judge at the first ever CrossFit Games. Kelly’s book, Becoming a Supple Leopard, has helped thousands of people to perform basic maintenance on their bodies and unlock their physical potential. In his new book, Deskbound, he highlights the ways that we can counter a lifestyle that has us sitting far too much. Along with his wife, Juliet, they have formed an amazing nonprofit organization called Standup Kids whose mission is to combat sedentary lifestyle and obesity by providing standup desks to school children.

In this episode we cover a lot of ground, including:
• The challenges of being a parent in today’s world.
• How to recover a body that has been abused for years.
• Why you should walk a mile barefoot.
• How to add one cookie a day to your diet.
• And much more.


In this podcast, we have a hugely interesting conversation with Tim Kennedy.  For those of you that don’t know, Tim’s a true renaissance man – he’s a world class professional Fighter in the UFC, a currently serving Green Beret, a host of a show on the History Channel, and much, much more.

We cover a ton of content in this podcast, to include:

• The importance of personal responsibility, especially with veterans.
• What it’s like to be a public figure while currently serving in the military.
• His show on the History Channel – Hunting Hitler.
Range 15 – the movie that’s taking the veteran world by storm.


Joe De Sena understands grit and hard work.  He’s been hustling since he was a young boy growing up around organized crime in New York City.  Joe also understands the importance of a healthy, purpose-driven life.  In this wide-ranging episode we cover:
• The origins of Spartan Race.
• Raising kids to value hard work.
• The importance of camaraderie and community.
• The value of shared hardship.
• Why he moved his family to Singapore, and much, much more…
Team RWB is proud to work with Spartan Race and it has been amazing to see the two communities come together.  Please enjoy this very special episode with a guy that is changing the world for the better.  


Patrick Murphy has accomplished a lot in the first 42 years of his life. He was the captain of the hockey team in college, deployed to combat as an Army officer, taught law at West Point, was the first veteran of the Iraq War to be elected to congress, became a partner at a law firm, hosted a TV show on MSNBC, and was nominated by the president to serve as the Under Secretary of the Army.

In this episode, we cover a ton of material to include:
• How functional fitness is a huge part of his life.
• How his youth affects the way he leads the Army.
• Using social media as a leadership tool.
• The most important lesson that his father ever taught him.