Check out the blog entry from Urban Leasing on what it meant to be part of a Team RWB event! And please consider partaking in a future Team RWB event as a sponsor….or even start your own run. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

TEAM Red, White & Blue-

I have to admit, I swore that I’d never be “a blog guy,” but I have learned that it’s a great way to run a training site for a marathon and allow members of the TEAM to talk about their training experiences, track progress and get fired up for the big run!! So I welcome everyone who’s interested in posting on the blog to do so. There’s one guy in particular that comes to mind and that’s Bryan Phillips. At 6’8″, he started training in January at over 350 pounds and is down under 300 as of 2 weeks ago!! The Twin Cities Marathon on Oct 3rd is less than 6 months out and I’ll start posting recommended training plans in late May. In the meantime, happy running and build that base!!
All the best!
CPT Mike Erwin
Team RWB Director