Bill Rausch is a former Army Officer, he’s spent time on the hill advocating for Veteran’s issues in DC, he was a consultant, he’s a husband and father, and he’s a local volunteer leader for Team Red, White, and Blue – in addition to being the Executive Director for Got Your 6. Got Your 6 is doing really important work bridging the civilian-military divide, and it’s a great organization.

He’s as well connected a person in D.C. as anyone as it relates to Veterans’ issues, and you’ve likely seen him on C-Span providing analysis on various Veteran related topics as well.

Bill and I have a varied and wide-ranging conversation, covering:
● Leadership
● Community
● Growing up in the rural Midwest
● Veterans involved in the civic process
● And finally, Michigan-Ohio State Football

Bill’s a great American, and a good friend – I’m proud to spend some time with him picking his brain on this episode! We had a few small technical difficulties with the microphone, so apologies if there is any noticeable static; however, Bill is so engaging, you won’t even realize it’s there!


  • May 26, 2016

    Bill Rausch said:

    Special thanks to Team RWB and #EagleNation for providing me ways to serve my community and country again. All of us working together can lead a resurgence of community across the nation and TRWB is a key partner in the fight!

    Let’s get this done brothers and sisters! #RWBoom #EagleEthos