By Laken Stutzman, Director of Finance

2015. What a remarkable year of growth for Team Red, White, and Blue. We are pleased to be releasing our audited 2015 financials to you today. This is the strongest financial picture Team RWB has recognized since inception. Through generous donations and countless hours from volunteers, we spent 2015 scaling our programs to be more efficient and more effective for the continued expected growth in the coming years.

The successes of 2015 can be seen through numerous outputs.

– Welcomed seven new employees to the full-time roster, increasing our total employee count to 17.

– Added 35,730 new members to the team at a rate of ~98 a day. By the end of 2015 our member count stood less than 5,000 shy of 100,000 members.

– Added a 7th region to our regional operating model.

– Finished the year with 172 chapters, communities and organizing areas.

– Unrestricted revenue and support increased by 43% over 2014.

– Implemented a new camp model that combined national camps with regional camps.

– Professionalized events such as the Old Glory Relay from its inaugural year in 2014 to further raise awareness for Veterans and connect our chapters by running the flag across the nation.

– Secured funding to build out two additional Firebases in 2016.

– Made several additions to the Board of Directors to gain new insights and perspectives.

– Grew our net assets by $500,000 over 2014.

– Focused on the evolution of the Leadership Development Program through the rollout of the Eagle Leadership Academy.

– Worked relentlessly to ensure we were fiscally responsible with all donors’ money. $0.88 of every dollar we took in went directly to support our programs.

While we are incredibly proud of these accomplishments, we know these successes are secondary to the importance of enriching the lives of America’s veterans. Just last week, the Institute for Veterans and Military Families released its first paper in a series focused on the critical topics of program evaluation, performance measurement, and evidence-based practices among VSOs. Team RWB was the first organization to be highlighted in this series. The results of the paper are far more profound than the numerous outputs mentioned above.

The paper explores the direct outcomes from the programs that we provide to our members. Veterans who joined Team RWB reported increases in sense of purpose and belonging, lasting and meaningful relationships, and significant improvements in their overall health.

I ask that you take a moment to read the research report.  The dedication and commitment from our volunteers, members, donors, partners, and supporters have allowed us to continue to grow and scale our programs to reach more veterans and civilians every day. For this we thank you. While we are proud of the growth that came from 2015, we know our work is not done. 2016 holds much promise for Team Red, White, and Blue.

By Dan Brostek

It’s hard to capture through words alone the experience of the 2015 relay so we decided to partner with We Are The Mighty to create a video that would allow us to document the power and emotion behind this epic journey.

Here are some statistics to keep in mind as you watch this video. These aren’t just numbers. Instead, they represent the personal stories, connections, widespread support and community engagement that came to define the essence and impact of the 2015 Old Glory Relay.

  • Total Funds Raised: $436,000.
  • New Team RWB Members: 10,118 (19% YoY increase).
  • Participation: 59 teams and 1,170 athletes.
  • Events: 13 community celebrations with over 800 participants.
  • Route: 3,540 miles, 13 States, 4 State Capitals and over 7M steps taken.
  • Weather: Temperatures north of 110 degrees and well below freezing.
  • Elevation: From sea level to 11,312 feet (Monarch Pass, Colorado).
  • Content: Captured over 4,200 user generated photos and videos with countless personal testimonials.
  • Media: Generated a potential reach of over 950M impressions across traditional and digital media channels.
  • Website: Increased YoY website traffic during the Old Glory Relay by 65% and total pageviews by 94%.
  • Influencers: Engaged numerous individuals and organizations in the Veteran space, news outlets, athletes, politicians, community leaders and brands.
  • News: The top 30 media stories generated over 7,700 social shares with close to 10M in web traffic including an appearance on Happening Now on Fox News with national viewership over 1.1M.
  • Microsoft Incentives: Delivered over $20k in Microsoft product to top individual and team fundraisers.
  • Hashtag Engagement: The #oldgloryrelay hashtag was used over 3,500 times via Twitter and Instagram with over 6M impressions generated in the last 30 days of the campaign alone.
  • The Photo: A single photo shared by Fox News of a police officer saluting Old Glory (held by Tim Muessig from Microsoft) reached over 19M people with 1M+ likes, 650k shares & 17k comments…in the first week.
  • Freedom Honks: Too many to count.



This event could not have taken place without the Eagle Fire of our participants and fundraisers, the dedication of our Team RWB staff on the course, the engagement of numerous volunteers across the country…and the unwavering support of our sponsors. A heartfelt thanks to our presenting sponsor, Microsoft. A special thanks as well to the Schultz Family Foundation, NoGii, Zignal LabsRDB Running and the Bob Woodruff Foundation for making this experience a memory to last a lifetime.

Planning for the 2016 Old Glory Relay is underway so stay tuned for more details.



By Dan Brostek, Team RWB Marketing Director


At Team RWB we are extremely motivated about fitness, creating connections and engaging veterans within their communities. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our second annual Old Glory Relay, presented by Microsoft. Beginning at sunrise on September 11, Old Glory will be unfurled in San Francisco and begin a 60-day, 3,540-mile journey across the nation to end at sunset on November 8 in Washington, D.C. 59 teams of runners will move Old Glory throughout the course, passing through the hands of one patriot at a time.

Our Story

Team RWB started in 2010 as a grassroots movement with a simple objective: to encourage veterans to remain active and connect with their community through physical and social activity. Through early member involvement with organized runs, marathons and triathlons, we figured out something amazing. People all over this country are truly inspired by the sight of an individual running, hiking or walking with Old Glory. And the Old Glory Relay was born.

We’re proud to say that 87 cents of every dollar that is donated to Team RWB directly impacts chapter events and programs that enrich the lives of veterans in our efforts to bring together military and civilian communities. When the Old Glory Relay kicks off on September 11, each day will begin with the American flag being unfurled and entrusted to the day’s first runner and will end with the last runner folding the flag and storing it for safekeeping overnight. During the relay, the flag will be passed from runner to runner along a pre-determined route, with no less than 50 miles traveled each day.

If you’re interested in getting a glimpse of the Old Glory Relay from last year, check out this video:


We are proud and very excited to announce that starting today, Team RWB members can “make their miles matter” no matter where you walk, run or bike.  How, you ask? Because we are now a featured non-profit organization partner on Charity Miles.

How does it work?  Go to the app store and search for “Charity Miles.”  Download the app, which is free.  Then every time you go out for a walk, run or bike ride, open the app and choose Team RWB.  Log your workout and Charity Miles will donate $0.25 for every mile you walk/run and $0.10 for every mile you bike!

And we are kicking off this partnership today with a little extra motivation.  Anna Judd, a civilian member of our Los Angeles chapter, is kicking off her run across America tomorrow!  She will be logging over 3,000 miles on Charity Miles in the next two months…..WOW! To be a part of her epic event, after you select Team RWB, choose ‘#runAmerica’ so that your miles add up to inspire Anna, too.

Whether you are an active member of a Team RWB chapter – or you are 1 of the 35,500 members of our Veteran Ambassador Program (VAP) – you can make a big impact on our mission through Charity Miles.  Simply download the app and make sure you log your miles when you run, walk or bike.


Team RWB

Hashtags: #EagleUp  #ItsOurTurn  and  #EveryMileMatters

In the eleven years following the tragic events of September 11th, much has changed.  Our nation’s bravest have stepped up to the call of duty and served our nation honorably; families have sacrificed for the greater good; and some have paid the ultimate price.  For some people, life has continued and the memories have grown dim with the passage of time.  However, for many veterans, civilians, and patriots bonded together through Team Red, White & Blue, the memories are vivid and serve to remind us of the incredible freedoms we have been blessed with as Americans.  Thanks to the 40 passengers and crew members of Flight 93, many Americans are alive today to enjoy those freedoms.  The heroic actions of those aboard that fateful flight thwarted an attack on our nation’s capitol, and for this we are forever grateful of their brave and selfless sacrifice.  With organizations, such as Team Red, White & Blue and the Travis Manion Foundation, I have never felt more certain that “We will never forget” the brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  The memories of those lost, and the honor we feel in our hearts for their actions has never burned brighter. (more…)