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Veterans Day has come and gone, but Aaron Appelwick is still paying his respects to those who have served.

Appelwick went on a two-hour ruck march - a military hike - on Wednesday with a backpack of weights.

He marched 13 miles around the Electric City from Veterans Memorial Park, up 10th Street South toward Malmstrom Air Force Base, and then back to the park.

This is the second year he's done the march and said for Team Red White & Blue, paying respects goes beyond Veterans Day.

"What we're trying to do is give veterans that come home from the military and don't have that camaraderie or place to go, trying to give them that family though physical and social activities," Appelwick said. "We like to continue that through the week just so people don't forget immediately after the one day of thanking veterans that we're still here."

Team Red White & Blue has 50 members statewide, and anyone is welcome to join.

Anyone interested in building a relationship based on endurance-based sports is encouraged to sign up on the TeamRWB website, which states the following goals:

1. We impact wounded veterans through one-on-one relationships

2. We host community level events with wounded veterans and Team RWB advocates

3. We use athletic events as a tool to inspire people to action, raise awareness for our mission and fundraise to support the Team RWB advocate program

4. We provide opportunities for everyday Americans to get involved to support wounded veterans by utilizing their unique skills