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One of the most common road blocks on the path toward becoming "Fit for Life" is finding the time to take care of yourself. Perhaps your work schedule is too hectic to spare even 30 minutes a day for a quick jog, but more likely than not, there are other things you'd prefer to be doing that don’t work up a sweat. For Cabot Wilkinson, the latter rang true. As a traveling salesman, husband and father to his 17-month-old  daughter, you’d think that training as a competitive CrossFitter wouldn't be an option.

“You have to make time," said Cabot, as he chased his adorable daughter, Iulia, around the Naturally Fit office. “Family is always first, but you have to find a way to make your lifestyle. Unfortunately, my time is 6 in the morning or 5:30. My day starts at around 5 in the morning and I don’t get done working some nights until 10 or ll 0’ clock, and then it starts over again.”

Once he had graduated from college, Cabot decided to become a firefighter, and that’s when he really started to pack on the pounds, shooting up to 260 pounds. While the idea of a firefighter may conjure images of strong men bursting into burning buildings and rescuing the inhabitants by hoisting them over one shoulder, according to Cabot, once training ended, the job was quite sedentary.

“When you get in to the station, all you do is sit down and eat,” said Cabot. “You’re a glorified janitor eight hours a day. When you're busy and you're on the run, there’s only one choice, you’ve got to eat quick.”

His next career path didn’t exactly leave any down time to prepare his meals either. Currently, Cabot works as a traveling salesman for Specified Technology, and the majority of his time is spent on the road.

“Three years ago, I'd get to the hotel, go to the bar, have a couple of beers, a hamburger and French fries and I’d go to my room,” said Cabot. “That's the life of a traveling salesman on the road.”

Three years ago is when Cabot made a decision that would change his life. His personal trainer suggested that he try a free community CrossFit class in a local park, and two weeks later, he signed up for their 24-day challenge and never looked back.

Cabot didn't get in to CrossFit to get back in to shape, it just happened as a result of his new found hobby. However, that doesn't mean that he's going to get complacent and slip back into old habits.

“It's always in the back of your head, because you don't want to go back to the place you were before and being complacent and not listening to your body will do that,” said Cabot. “lust because you’re not working out doesn’t mean you can’t eat right, and that’s what it all stems from. I've always believed that diet is 80 percent and 20 percent is training. If you don’t give your body the necessary stuff to recover and replenish, then you're never going to see any gains from your workout.”

Cabot and his wife, Nikki, are both avid CrossFit fans, with Nikki training four to five days a week and Cabot training six.

“We always judge each other on how we did on our workouts, it's one of the first questions we ask when I get home in the morning and when she gets home in the evening,” said Cabot.

Quite the competitive person, Cabot said he didn't see the point in doing anything if he couldn't be measured by it, so he started to compete. Last year, his team went to regionals and placed 7th, a rank that, while impressive to some, just wasn’t good enough for Cabot. I-Ie plans to continue to compete as long as he can, hoping to make it to The CrossFit Games in California at some point.

While he may be living a life on the road, he'll never let that stand in the way between him and his training schedule. l-Iis box away from home is CrossFit Elevate in I-Iouston, and on the days when he can’t find a CrossFit box to train at, he enjoys going on runs, usually racking up about 14 miles a week. “I think the other people on the cover can attest to the fact that when you start seeing the results, you always want more,” said Cabot. “And now my results are measured on how well I compete, not how I look.”

Source: Naturally Fit Magazine , Page 42-43