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A 13-mile trek around the city of Great Falls might not sound ideal on these cool fall mornings, but for Aaron Appelwick and nearly a dozen friends, it's about more than simply exercise and fresh air.

Three months ago, Applewick started a mission to create a Team Red, White, and Blue chapter in Montana; the national group focuses on helping veterans re-acclimate to civilian life through physical activity and sports.

Appelwick said, "It started off the focus was wounded warriors, but now we are opening it to just veterans, because we have experienced people who didn't think they were wounded and then had the hidden wounds like PTS and stuff like that. So they get out and get active then they realize they were hurting...but now they feel much better because they have people to hang out with."

Now the fledgling RWB team that only had three members a short while ago has grown to 12.

Applewick chose a couple days after Veterans Day to make their city-wide trek to remind the city that veterans need to be recognized every day.

Source: KRTV