September 11, 2018

1 Flag, Over 4,600 miles, 62 impactful days, 10,000 Americans United with Old Glory

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A 4,600-mile journey across America to honor and connect veterans while celebrating all that unites us as a nation. 

Team Red, White & Blue is proud to kick off the fourth annual Old Glory Relay with presenting sponsor, Microsoft. This year, over 70 teams will be charged with moving a single American flag across our great nation. At sunrise on September 11, participants will cover 4,600+ miles beginning in Seattle, Washington and ending on November 11th, Veterans Day, in Tampa, Florida.



Days Until Old Glory Relay: 108

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Number of states Old Glory traveled through as she made her way across America.


Number of total miles Old Glory traveled.


Number of teams charged with carrying Old Glory from Seattle, WA to Tampa, FL.

I’m Honoring Them

“For me to be able to have the physical strength that I do right now to carry the flag and to run across the country…in a way I’m honoring them and honoring my grandpa that served in the military and my dad that served in the military, and it’s just sort of that lineage and so for me that flag just encapsulates everything.”

– Brian Fitzgerald, Team RWB Portland, Army Veteran

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