Blayne Smith

Executive Director

Blayne works closely with Team RWB’s board members, staff, and volunteer leaders to develop and implement programs that serve veterans across the country. He provides strategic and operational guidance to the organization while building and managing key partnerships. Blayne is a West Point graduate and former Special Forces officer with combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon leaving the military, he worked at Quest Diagnostics while earning his MBA at the University of Florida. Blayne currently resides in Tampa with his two boys and leads the Team RWB Tampa chapter.

J.J. Pinter

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, JJ is primarily responsible for the establishment and growth of strong chapters and communities. He works closely with our volunteer leaders and ensures that each chapter/community has the guidance and resources required to deliver excellent programs to their local veterans. JJ is a West Point graduate and combat veteran, serving as a Field Artillery officer in Iraq. After his military service, he held both leadership and analytical positions with Caterpillar and Quest Diagnostics. He currently resides in southern Indiana with his wife and two sons and leads the Team RWB Louisville community.

Brandon Young

Director of Development

As Director of Development, Brandon’s primary responsibility is to develop and maintain strategic partnerships and identify growth opportunities that ensure the success of Team RWB programs. Born and raised in California, Brandon enlisted in the Army after high school and served eleven years, primarily in the 75th Ranger Regiment. He did three combat rotations to Afghanistan with the 2nd Ranger Battalion, conducting Special Operations missions in support of the Global War on Terror, and one additional rotation as the Operations Planner and Personal Security Detachment to the Commanding General of West Point. Upon leaving the military, he spent six years with Quest Diagnostics in Cancer Diagnostics and Commercial Leadership. Brandon lives in Denver with his wife, Kelly, and their two children where they are active in their church and enjoy skiing, hiking, running and community.

Zack Armstrong

Midwest Regional Director

As Regional Director, Zack is responsible for strategic and operational program development to ensure chapter and community health across the Midwest Region.  He provides guidance and training to develop market-specific programs to strengthen and expand newly formed and existing chapters and communities.  Before joining Team RWB, Zack was an Exercise Physiologist at the University of Michigan where he provided both clinical and research-based expertise. Prior to graduate school, he held leadership positions in Whirlpool’s Global Supply Chain Leadership Development Program. Zack received his B.S. in Engineering Management and M.S. in Exercise Physiology, both from Western Michigan University.  During undergrad, he was a member of the Varsity Baseball and Cycling Teams.  Zack currently resides in Chicago and leads the Team RWB Chicago Chapter.

Brennan M. Mullaney

Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

Brennan joins Team RWB as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director and Washington, DC Chapter Captain. He recently earned his Master of Arts in Law & Diplomacy from The Fletcher School at Tufts University. A veteran himself, Brennan's service in the U.S. Army included two deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Originally from Maryland, he is a 2005 graduate of the United States Military Academy as well as an avid outdoorsman, bluegrass fan, cyclist, and distance runner.

Joe Quinn

Northeast Regional Director

Joe Quinn is the Team RWB Northeast Regional Director and New York City Chapter Captain. Previously, he was an Associate at the Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) and an Instructor in the Department of Social Sciences at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  Joe also worked in Afghanistan as a Counterinsurgency Advisor for General David Petraeus’ Counterinsurgency Advisory and Assistance Team (CAAT). He spent six years in the United States Army, where he served two deployments to Iraq. Joe received a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Joe graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2002, where he played on the varsity basketball team. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, although he currently lives in Manhattan with his wife Melanie. 

Andrew Hutchinson

Director of Camps and Special Programs

As the Director of Camps and Special Programs, Andrew’s primary responsibility is for the execution and oversight of all Team RWB Veteran Athletic Camps, and administration of the WOD for Warriors program. The second oldest of eight kids, Andrew was born in Texas and grew up in California, Alaska, and the United Arab Emirates. Andrew is a 2006 graduate of West Point with combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. An avid distance runner, Andrew also enjoys CrossFit, hiking, and skiing. Andrew currently resides in San Francisco and leads the Team RWB San Francisco community. 

Georgina Biehl

South Central Regional Director

Georgina Biehl joins Team RWB as the Director of the South Central Region. She has been with Team RWB as a volunteer leader since February 2012. Previously, Georgina spent the last ten years working for Fortune 500 companies, most recently as the Director of Corporate Development serving the Oil Gas Industry. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, she earned her BS in Mathematical Sciences and continues graduate studies in Public Administration and Organizational Development. Upon leaving Active Duty, she spent four years working as a Manpower and Organizational Consultant for NATO in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. She is originally from Mexico City but moved to Texas as quickly as she could!

Laken Stutzman

Director of Finance

Laken Stutzman is Team RWB’s Director of Finance, and a long time member of TeamRWB. In addition to the daily financial management for Team RWB, her responsibilities include budgeting, revenue forecasting, cash flow accounting, and financial analysis. She is a University of Louisville graduate and former division I field hockey player. Laken is a long time accountant, with significant experience in non-profit finance and auditing. She currently resides in Louisville, KY with her husband, Dustin, and their dog, Baxter.

Lou Nemec

National Athlete Director

Lou Nemec is an active duty Soldier stationed at West Point, NY. He became the Athlete Director in the spring of 2012 and has been enjoying connecting with Team RWB athletes and advocates ever since! Lou is an old football player who has to settle his competitive urges through running, triathlon, cycling and functional fitness workouts. He was born into an Army Family at Ft. Gordon, GA, but has always called Pittsburgh, PA home. Raised with 3 loving siblings and a pair of positive and inspirational parents, the nomadic lifestyle of the Army Family helped form Lou into the outgoing guy that he is today. In college, he met his wife, Lindsay and they have 2 boys together. They enjoy running together when possible and have had the pleasure of engaging athletes at Team events together! He hopes to meet you at an upcoming event soon!

Chris Widell

Leadership Development Director

Chris directs our brand new Leadership Development Program. A leader for Team RWB since its inception, Widell originally oversaw the growth in our Houston chapter from 2011-2013 prior to his current role. As an Army officer, Chris served his country in the 1st Cavalry Division for 6 years ultimately exiting the service after his second tour to Iraq. Upon entering civilian life Widell earned a master's degree in Business Administration at the University of Texas and currently works for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation in Houston, TX. Chris enjoys reading, working out and spending time with his wife, Jennie, and two sons, Abram and Everett.

Greg Fontaine

Blog Editor

Greg is 2002 graduate of West Point and served as an Army aviation officer with three combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. After transitioning from the military by way of graduate school, he now works at Bank of America in Charlotte. Greg enjoys running, mountain biking and spending time with his wife Jasmine, newborn son Nolan, and dog Pre.

Jonathan Silk

Veteran Athlete Director

Jon connects with Team RWB members that are wounded or disabled Veterans to get them involved in various physical fitness activities in communities nationwide. Jon a Wounded Warrior himself has been competing in triathlons and other endurance races since 1998. Jon credits his recovery to his family, love of endurance sports, and the endurance sports community. Jon is an active duty Army Major, and currently is assigned to the Center for the Advancement of Leader Development and Organizational Learning (CALDOL) at the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY where he resides with his family.

Caroline Gaynor

Triathlon Director

Caroline is the Triathlon Director for Team RWB. She is responsible for the development of the triathlon team, including recruiting new members and initiating and maintaining relationships with the team’s sponsors. Caroline also manages the team’s social media presence.  A resident of New York since 2002, Caroline attended Columbia University and was a member of the Varsity Women's Crew and later the Columbia Cycling Team.  She has been competing in triathlons since 2001 and is passionate about racing as a guide for visually impaired triathletes.