2016 Annual Report

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By Blayne Smith, Executive Director | Team Red, White & Blue

I am absolutely thrilled and honored to share our 2016 Annual Report.  Looking back at the past 12 months fills me with a tremendous amount of both gratitude and pride, and I feel confident that reading this will have you feeling the same way.
While this report is merely a snapshot of the amazing work being done by our members and volunteers, it tells a remarkable story.  I never would have imagined that in a few short years, Team RWB would become an organization that hosts over 43,000 events and delivers over 250,000 hours of volunteer service in a single year.  The numbers are truly staggering, but they don’t come close to capturing the real impact of our mission… because our organization is not built on numbers, it is built on people.
2016 Annual Report Blog Graphic
Behind every Unique Veteran Interaction (UVI)  there is a military veteran that chose to put on the red shirt, walk out the door, and show up.
Behind every Unique Civilian Interaction (UCI) there is a community of support that decided to take action and do more than thank a veteran for his/her service.
Behind every hour of volunteer service there is a leader that stepped forward and committed to making their community a better place.
Behind every dollar donated there is a supporter that believes in our mission and our team.
Sure, we can run events, create awareness, and raise money, but this is about so much more.  Team RWB is 100% committed to enriching the lives of veterans and building stronger communities.  It is hard work and there is much more work to be done, but in reflecting back on 2016, I am damn proud to be a part of this Team.  There’s more come, and I know we will all see it soon.
Eagle Up,
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