2021 March Madness Challenge

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The NCAA Basketball tournament is back for 2021, and so is the second annual Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) March Madness Challenge. Eagles worldwide will once again represent their state (or international team) in an Eagle Nation throwdown. 

Bragging rights and Team RWB swag are on the line. Now is the time to recruit, rally, and rise to the challenge. Will Alaska remain the reigning champion or will there be a Cinderella story?

The game has changed a bit, so read on, and get ready!


Teams: Each member of Team RWB will be assigned to their state team based on their mailing address. International addresses will represent the international team.

Seeding: Teams have been seeded and assigned to the bracket based on the engagement of their members so far this year.

Scoring: It takes a team to win a championship, and every point makes a difference. You can score multiple points for your team by completing any of the following exercises and then checking into that event on the Team RWB app. We work on the honor system. Your check-in counts as proof of workout completion!

FREE THROW (1 point):
1-mile run/walk/ruck
OR 5 miles cycling (indoor or outdoor)
OR 25 Sit-ups, Push-Ups, or Squats
OR COVID Recovery Breathing Exercises

LAY-UP (2 points):
2 mile run/walk/ruck
OR 10 miles cycling (indoor or outdoor)
OR 10 Minute AMRAP Workout 
OR 15 minutes yoga – seated & standing recordings provided

THREE POINTER (3 points):
3 miles run/walk/ruck
OR 15 miles cycling (indoor or outdoor)
OR 30 minutes yoga – seated and standing recordings provided


  • Lisa takes her dog for a mile ruck and checks in for a free throw. She scores 1 point for her team today.
  • Bethany completes 15 minutes of yoga and runs 3 miles. She checks in for a lay-up and a three-pointer and scores 5 points for her team today.
  • James runs four miles and completes the 10-minute AMRAP today. James checks in for a free throw, a lay-up, and a three-pointer and scores 6 points for his team today.
  • Dan runs 10 miles. Dan scores 6 points for his team by checking in for a free throw, lay-up and a three-pointer.


For bracket play, team points will be tallied and then leveled based on the number of members in each state. The team with the highest score moves on. Our bracket will update with results the day after each round.

If your team is eliminated from bracket play, you’re still in the game! Your team will move into the March Madness Open. The standings of the open pool will be based on points accumulated during all 6 rounds and then leveled based on overall membership. The Open contest will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner! 


  • Round One: Wednesday, March 3
  • Round Two: Sunday, March 7
  • Sweet 16: Sunday, March 14
  • Elite 8: Sunday, March 21
  • Final Four: Sunday, March 28
  • Championship: Saturday, April  3


Open Scoreboard

Comments on 2021 March Madness Challenge

  • James Richardson

    how can I join Pennsylvania here

    • Mike

      I believe that if you live in PA and check in, it will count.
      I am the chapter captain in the Lehigh Valley, where are you located?


  • Tom Harness

    Southern Ilinois is gonna represent Illinois and help us advance.

  • Richard Cole

    How do I log my miles for my team?

    • Ben Benjamin

      just Check In, in the App for the level(s) completed.