A Message From Our Executive Director

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Eagle Nation,

As we all know by now, we are living through unprecedented times. For most of us, the next 3-6 weeks will be very different than our normal lives. Despite the adversity bearing down on us, we cannot afford to panic. We will get through it together.

You’ve almost certainly received dozens of emails by now, with guidance on everything from hygiene best practices to places you should avoid. This is not that kind of message. I want to share some thoughts with you that I hope will help you cope and lead through these trying times.

  1. Don’t stay plugged in 24/7. The big news will make its way to you. Take action accordingly, but let’s not allow COVID-19 to consume our every waking thought.
  2. Use technology to lean into your relationships. Carve out time for video chats (via Facetime, Google Hangout, Zoom, and others) with your family, friends, and teammates.
  3. Take care of each other. The major life changes are going to impact some people, perhaps you, financially. If you’re in a position to pay it forward, order food for a friend who might have lost most of his/her work. A $25 investment will make a difference for them, but more importantly, it will remind them that you care.
  4. Get outside! Sunlight and breeze are good for the body and mind. Let nature help you in the weeks ahead.
  5. Exercise. We know that daily exercise is good for our hearts, our muscles, and our minds. If you haven’t downloaded the Team RWB App yet, I encourage you to do so right now. We have daily virtual challenges to motivate you to break a sweat. In the process, you’ll push out cortisol/stress hormones and generate endorphins to feel better.

All of us, especially our veterans, have faced and overcome significant adversity in our lives. At Team RWB, we use #BornForTheStorm for a reason. While no one wishes for the storms of life, they are inevitable. It’s critical to know that we are born for these challenges. We are equipped to face them head-on. Just as importantly, we are prepared to lead others through these storms.

People are undoubtedly looking to you right now. I urge you to stay calm, to keep a #BornForTheStorm mindset in the coming weeks, and to forward this message to anybody you think could use it. Our communities, our country, and the world will be better for it because of you.