Eagle Ethos

What is an Ethos?

Team RWB members share more than just values. We share an ethos – a set of guiding beliefs and ideals that characterize our community. An ethos persuades or inspires people to action…and that is what our organization is all about. While ethos can be sometimes hard to define, you certainly know it when you see it. Ethos is demonstrated, not stated.

The Eagle Ethos was crafted using six words that uniquely characterize Team RWB and distinguish our organization from others. While there are certain principles that all nonprofits should adhere to, these are the things that make our Team special. The Eagle Ethos can be clearly captured in an instant with a single snapshot or demonstrated over time. It can be displayed outwardly or held inside as fuel for action. But it is pervasive throughout Team RWB and known intimately by each team member who puts on that red shirt. The Eagle Ethos is passion, people, positivity, commitment, camaraderie, and community…and Team RWB lives it in action every day.


We care more, we work harder, and we share our story.


Veterans and community drive everything we do.


We don’t ignore the challenges, we just stay positive and attack them.


We are dedicated to each other, our mission, and our communities.


We improve lives through genuine, personal relationships.


This is what we are building…at every level!

Will Wright, Eagle Leader

“Local chaptered events are exciting for me. Why? It’s the curiosity in the eyes of the person who is showing up for the first time. It’s the commitment of those returning back for another challenge. It’s the events where I met someone and I explain the ease of being an Eagle and the priceless benefit of learning about someone who you met 15 minutes prior. That connection is meaningful and genuine… something that is much needed in society today.”