Alex Lintott goes Coast to Coast for Team RWB

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Today, Team Red, White & Blue extends a salute to Alex Lintott, who completed an incredible 3,830 mile coast to coast bicycle ride to raise awareness for Team RWB’s important mission of enriching the lives of wounded veterans and their families.  Alex, a recent MBA graduate from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, selflessly chose to spend his time-off embarking on a grueling, yet incredibly inspirational cross country journey.  His solo ride began in Seattle, Washington and ended 41 days later in New York.  Alex logged an average of 120 miles per day, conducted 6 newspaper interviews, 1 television interview, and blogged throughout his entire journey (visit to read about his day to day triumphs and challenges). His efforts brought tremendous awareness and support to the ongoing effort of helping wounded veterans with visible and invisible wounds reintegrate into society following their exit from the service.  He also raised over $10,000 for Team Red, White & Blue.

So why would someone endure such a difficult journey?  Alex said, “I have had, and currently have, friends and family serving in the military – I always realized the transition back into civilian life was rough, but the real spark for my involvement was from classmates in graduate school who were veterans (many who had left the military only months before I met them).  I got to know some of them very well and spoke with them at length about their experience of leaving the military, and their challenges readjusting after deployments.  The thought that really struck me was that if my classmates – people who by virtue of being in graduate school had a higher likelihood of personal, social, and financial resources – were having challenges than what would the transition be like for a veteran who didn’t have the resources or a strong support network?” This is shrewd observation and perfect call to action for the rest of us to step up, and generate real connections between community members and our nation’s veterans.

Alex certainly possesses the quality and character of a selfless leader, and I was interested to hear about any epiphanies he may have had while on his trip.  His response, “I thought a lot about the fact that (i) I didn’t have much with me, (ii) I was still pretty happy, and (iii) I missed only the most important things to me (family and friends).  I guess I was a little surprised that I did not miss many of the things I thought I valued before leaving on this trip.  In a way, I feel that having little with me showed me what I valued and I hope to keep this perspective with me as I head back into the ‘real’ world.”  I was impressed by this very astute response, which says more than I ever could about his humble and authentic nature.

Congratulations Alex on a truly amazing feat; keep up the fire!