Billy Hurley is a former naval officer, and currently the only military veteran who is an active golfer on the PGA tour.  In addition to being a fantastic ambassador for the military, he’s an accomplished leader and all around great guy.

In this episode we discuss:

• His service in the Navy

• His road to the PGA tour

• How he views his responsibility as the sole veteran on the PGA Tour

• His views on leadership, and how is naval service has affected his golf game





David Smith is a Marine combat veteran and respected advocate in the veteran community.  After an extremely difficult deployment to Iraq, that included a friendly-fire incident, Dave found himself lacking confidence, purpose, and direction.  Eventually, his depression led to him nearly taking his own life.  An outpouring of support from friends and family convinced him to start owning his recovery and take back his life.  Since that time, he’s graduated from UC Berkeley, shared the stage with President Bush, and built a new life in Norway!

Dave and I have a really in-depth conversation that covers:

• Why you should always push for your stretch goals.

• Why pursuing love (in all its forms) is the most important thing you can do.

• How to feel truly alive and engaged.

• The challenges of depression and suicide

• And so much more.

Dave is an extremely interesting and thoughtful guy and we know you’ll enjoy this conversation.  You may want to grab a note book because this one is full of valuable take-aways!



Mycal Anders is a Marine Corps Veteran, business owner, fitness expert, dad, husband, and a lot more.  Known affectionately as ‘Coach Derz’, Mycal has become a voice for good in both the veterans and fitness spaces.  

This is one of the most honest and insightful conversations we’ve had on the Eagle Nation Podcast.  We cover a ton of really interesting topics – even the prickly ones, like:

• Being willing to start at the bottom and work your way up

• Adapting your military leadership experience to the civilian world

• Using your voice and platform to spark social change, or not

• The importance of investing in oneself

• And so much more!



Matt Kress spent 22 years in the Marine Corps – enlisted and officer, active duty and reserve.  After a special operations deployment to Iraq in 2004, he left active duty to be a firefighter in Southern California. During that time, he used the Post 9/11 GI Bill to earn a master’s degree from the University of Washington and an MBA from UCLA.  He’s now the Senior Manager of Veteran and Military Affairs at Starbucks.  

In this episode we discuss:

• Coffee and it’s connection to the military

• The tremendous work that Starbucks is doing to support Veterans and their families.

• What it’s like to be in position to really move the needle on veterans issues in our country in a big way.

• The connection between first responders and veterans and how they share some challenges.



Michael Rodriguez is a pretty incredible guy – he’s a retired Green Beret who might be one of the most selfless people on the planet.  He’s overcome some major injuries en route to where he is today, and he spends his time giving back to his country and the veteran community.

In this episode we discuss:

• His military career and his “collecting” of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

• Hiding his injuries, and how he finally received the care he needed

• Art, and the impact it’s had on his life

• His pioneering research related to mountaineering and the effects of pressure changes on brain injuries

• His drive to continue service, and the various ways that he accomplishes this