Thomas Meyer is the Director of Veteran’s services at The Philanthropy Roundtable, and one of the foremost experts in the country on Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) and Veteran philanthropy in general.  He’s highly qualified (studied at Cambridge and Yale) and has been conducting military-focused research for years.  He also grew up in a military family, and has a very personal connection to Veterans and Military Families.

We have a very important conversation, where we get into some challenging topics, to include:

• The state of the Veteran’s non-profit sector in America

• Why the Veteran disability system needs reform

• How to affect nation-changing philanthropy

• The future of Veteran support in America

• Why a movement to evidence-based policy in America is critical



Nick Koumalatsos is Marine (MARSOC) Veteran, the Director of The Raider Project, and an entrepreneur.  In this week’s episode, we have an inspiring conversation about life, transition, fitness, and how Ben Bunn and I (Blayne Smith) beat him at Rush Club 009.

A true renaissance man, Nick is involved in all kinds of cool projects.  He’s got an important perspective on life after the military and we’re really excited to share his story with Eagle Nation.




Marty Skovlund joins us as another man of many talents.  He’s a former Army Ranger turned author, TV Show host and entrepreneur.  He’s focused on telling the stories of our generation of veterans, and is doing an incredible job.  

He’s also a hilarious guy, and really fun to talk to, as well.

We have a wide-ranging conversation conversation that includes the following:

• His go-to coffee brewing setup.

• How he got shot in basic training.

• His book, Violence of Action

Nomadic Veterans, the documentary happened by accident.




Colin Baden is the former President and CEO of Oakley and currently serves as the Chairman of the Infinite Hero Foundation, a nonprofit that is committed to finding, funding, and supporting the most innovative approaches to healing the wounds of war.

We have a great conversation about leadership, culture, and values.  Colin and his team have built an incredibly strong and distinct brand at Oakley, and it hasn’t happened by accident.  We cover some really important topics like:

• The importance of defining your culture

• Why it is critical to be humble

• How introverts often thrive in leadership roles

• What it means to constantly innovate

This is a truly insightful talk with a very unique leader.  We know that you’ll get a lot out of it.




Vincent (Rocco) Vargas is a man of many talents, to include being a part owner of Article 15 Clothing, Black Rifle Coffee Company, Leadslingers Whiskey, Warfighter Tobacco, and various other pursuits.  He’s also a Youtube Star, public speaker, author, cooking show host and musician among other things – in short, he’s a renaissance man.

We have a open and honest conversation about various topics, to include:

• What he’s learned as an entrepreneur

• How he uses humor to discuss difficult topics

• His military transition and struggles

• Veteran’s owning their transition

• His favorite Article 15 Shirt

• His favorite Youtube Video that he’s starred in