Call to Action with Army Veteran Shawn Conaway

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Blog written by: Jim Krug, Team RWB Raleigh/Durham Chapter Captain

Towards the end of March, our chapter participated in a short race out in the Raleigh/Durham area.  Shawn Conaway is an adaptive athlete from the Ft. Bragg Chapter who was using a hand cycle for the race.  I was making some adjustments and repairs to the bike before the start of the race with one of the other Eagles, but for the most part, none of the other Eagles knew Shawn or that he was racing that day.

When Shawn arrived at the very first hill of the race, two Eagles joined in and assisted Shawn up the hill when they saw him begin to struggle.  Another Eagle, Michael, assisted him up the second hill, and then Janeth, Heather, and Seann joined in to help as well.  Bernadine, Sharon, and Catherine caught most of this on camera, taking pictures and cheering out Eagles along the way.

Towards the end of the race, Shawn’s brakes weren’t functioning properly on a downhill, causing him to overshoot his last turn. I sprinted down the hill and George and I were able to push him back up to get him on the course once again for a strong finish.

Group photo

“We’ve had several epic events/activities since the re-launch of Team RWB Raleigh/Durham and every time I’m amazed at the great turnout, but this one is the one that made me the most proud of our members.” – Jim Krug