Caroline Angel | Team RWB Research Director

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Team RWB’s Director of Research, Caroline Angel R.N., Ph.D, is a Masters prepared psychiatric mental health nurse who holds a PhD in Nursing and Criminology from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently a visiting professor at Cambridge University.  Her research has focused on post traumatic stress, shame, forgiveness, health, and mortality.  

In this episode we discuss:

• Outputs vs. Outcomes, and understanding the differences.

• Measuring impact on ideas/concepts vs. tangible items.

• What it means to enrich a life.

• How being a volunteer has changed her perspective on research.

Caroline and the rest of our team have worked hard alongside IVMF to prepare this Annual Survey.  We want to impact the lives of all of our members in a major way – please help your fellow Eagles (and us) by taking the survey!


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