Common Yoga Modifications

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Each Take Flight Challenge track, is designed for everyone, from beginner to experienced. Yoga is no exception! The Yoga track, sponsored by TrueCar Military is not just for those flexible Eagles, it is for literally every body. By modifying poses as necessary, you can make your yoga practice work for your body. 

Here are some modifications for some of the common poses generally found in yoga today:

  • Standing Forward Fold: Bend the knees or rest the hands on blocks
  • Down Dog: Bend the knees if you are tight in the hamstrings and calves, or skip altogether for wrist or shoulder issues
  • Child’s Pose: Add a blanket or bolster under the hips or chest
  • Butterfly: Rest feet on a blanket, or place blocks under the knees for support
  • Easy Seat: Sit on a block or bolster to adjust the angle of the hips
  • Upward Facing Dog: Replace with Baby Cobra instead (keep the belly on the floor)
  • Chaturanga Dandasana– If going from Plank to a Low Pushup doesn’t feel good, just skip it! You can go from Plank to Downward Facing Dog instead.

When in doubt, you can always resort to Child’s Pose. If a pose ever feels strenuous, or like you have to grit your teeth to try and muscle through it, that’s a good time to reassess and come out of the pose. 

Yoga is about breathing through the discomfort but not to the point of actual pain or injury. Listen to your body and go where it asks you to go in each pose, using whatever modifications you need to make your practice yours!

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