Crush It!

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By Jonathan Silk
National Veterans Outreach Director
[email protected]

After over a decade of Counterinsurgency Warfare, Operation Iraqi Freedom  and Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans are familiar with the statement: “The population is the prize!”  That same mindset is what guides us at Team RWB. The Veteran population is the prize and we are focused on enriching the lives of Veterans.

We accomplish this by connecting them to communities through physical and social activity. One type of physical fitness that has been growing in popularity is functional fitness. In an effort to bring the physical activity to Veteran populations, several Team RWB Chapters have started employing mobile functional fitness workouts as a technique to connect Veterans and community members.

For example the Team RWB – West Point chapter conducts CRUSH IT mobile functional fitness workouts twice a week at various locations on West Point. This enables them to reach out  to the different areas around West Point. The Chapter also conducts these workouts in the surrounding area, traveling as far as 30 miles to bring physical and social activity to Veterans. On several of these workouts, the Danbury chapter has joined the West Point chapter to assist in spreading the TRWB message.

CRUSH IT workouts are highly positive and energetic routines. All levels of fitness are welcome and participants choose the intensity appropriate for their fitness level. The workouts are conducted to high energy music in whatever open spaces are available, such as parks and parking lots.

For chapters wanting to put together their own mobile functional fitness package, we have compiled a list of basic equipment and several different workouts for you to get started.


  • Radio or Ipod for music
  • Jump Ropes
  • Athletic cones/markers
  • Kettlebells
  • Pull-up bar
  • Sandbags
  • Track
  • Stairs/bleachers
  • Medicine Balls
  • Slamballs/Steelbells
  • Cross Functional Bands for Pull-ups (needed for those who scale pull-ups)
  • Tires (Heavy enough to require 2 to 3 people to flip. Great for team building)
  • Box (for box jumps)
  • Weighted sled (Rogue fitness has an inexpensive model)
  • Bar
  • Bumper weights (45,35,25)




WOD 1 (30-45 min)
Circuit- 1 Minute per station, 2-3 rounds
1) Warmup – Team tire flipping
2) Box jumps/step-ups
3) Wall ball with medicine ball
4) Sled run with assorted weight
5) Tire hits with sledgehammer
6) Kettle Bell swings
7) Slamball/Steelbell station
8) Air squats
9) Burpees
10) Leg raises

WOD 2 (SK) (1hr)
1) Warm up: 2 x laps or jump rope
2) Static stretching
3) Turf Warm-Ups: (15 Yards) – bear crawls, high-knees, side-shuffles, back pedal
4) 30 Minute AMRAP: 4 x cone drills w/ 10 x kettle-bell swings, 10 x burpees, 10 x front squats (scaled without kettle-bell), and 10 x push-ups
5) Abs and cool down: 5 minutes of flutter-kicks and plank positions


WOD 3 (SK) (1hr)
1) Warm up: 2 x laps or jump rope
2) Static stretching
3) Turf Drills: (10 Yards) – Bear Crawls, High-Knees, Side-Shuffles, Back Pedal
4) 8 x 400M Sprints (85%) -Between each lap: 10 x pull-ups or push-ups (partner and/or band assisted allowed), 10 x wall-balls, 10 x kettle-bell swings
5) Abs and cool down: 5 Minutes of flutter-kicks and plank positions

WOD 4 (SK) (1hr)
1) Warm up: Jump rope or 2 x lap warm-up
2) Static stretching
3) Bear Crawls, High-Knees, Frog Hops, Side Shuffles, Back Pedals (10 Yards)
4) WOD AMRAP 30 Mins: Football field Suicides (50 Yards) with 10 x Burpees, 10 x Pushups, 10 x Front Squats (10/20/24 KGs) intervals
5) Cool down: Partner Facilitated core muscle training and stretching

WOD 5 (SK) (1hr)
1) Warm up: 2 x laps or jump rope
2) Static stretching
3) 5 x Sets: 10 x Box-Jumps and 5 x Hand-Stand Push-Ups (scaled on boxes)
4) 30 Minutes AMRAP:
Full Iteration: 1 x full set of bleachers, 10 x kettle bell swings, 10 x front-squats with kettle bells, 10 x pull ups (assisted with CF bands)
5) Abs and cool down: 5 minutes of flutter-kicks and plank positions