Crushing Health Goals With Eagle Nation

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Setting a health and fitness goal is simple. Sticking to it is not always easy. Support and resources are a critical component of any lifestyle changes. For many veterans, including Retired Navy veteran Ron Roen, that support comes from Team Red, White and Blue (Team RWB).

Roen began his health and fitness journey after the birth of his granddaughter in 2018. He strove to improve his health in order to enjoy time with her and his family. At 233 pounds, he began his journey toward living a “No Barriers Life” by registering for a backcountry hiking expedition.

Well on his way to a healthier lifestyle, Roen joined Team RWB in January 2021 to integrate with a team that could help him continue his fitness journey. He began with Team RWB’s first national event of 2021, Take Flight, participating in two of the four available fitness tracks – healthy habits and yoga. 

 “I sought a similar in-person team spirit to spark continued weight loss,” said Roen. “While being a member of Team RWB Omaha in March 2021, I continue to enjoy giving back to military, health and athletic communities.”

Roen stayed active within his chapter throughout the year and continued to further his health goals. In May he finished the Lincoln Half Marathon wearing a Team RWB shirt, the first time he had completed a race since 1998.

Since joining Team RWB, Roen has taken more than 3,288,478 steps, the equivalent to 1441.3 miles. With support and encouragement from Team RWB Eagles, Roen lost 50 pounds and has recently crushed another goal: completing the “50 Mile March” between Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, raising over $2,000 in support of veteran service organizations. 

My steadfast commitment and completion of various [Team RWB] events has directly resulted in my weight loss and improved my quality of life,” said Roen.

Join Roen and all of Team RWB for upcoming national events this fall including the  9/11 Moving Tribute, Old Glory Relay, WOD for Warriors (info coming soon!), or any of the virtual challenges found in the Team RWB App


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