Women Veteran Athletes Initiative

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Team Red, White & Blue is proud to partner with the Department of Veteran Affairs’ Center for Women’s Veterans, on the Women Veteran Athletes Initiative, presented by Comcast NBCUniversal.   We present these powerful images of amazing women Veteran athletes, taken by photographer  Stacy Pearsall.  



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With support from Semper Fi Fund, Veterans Portrait Project, & VCS

“Service and sacrifice have been hallmarks in my life. I am blessed to be able to inspire and motivate others through my determination to succeed.”

Candice Caesar, U.S. Army, Houston, TX Chapter



“I have been a competitive female athlete all of my life, from college basketball, competing in high jump, pole vault, and now yoga. My activities have changed over the years, but I can still challenge myself as female veteran athlete. I am thankful to my body and the restorative power of yoga that has helped me to maintain my ability to compete.”

Star Cathcart, U.S. Marine Corps, Columbia, MO Chapter



“When things get tough in my training or racing and I feel like giving up, I think of all those out there who are no longer able to do the things they love to do and it motivates me to dig deep and give it all I have for them.”

Angel Cuellar,U.S. Marine Corps, Richmond, VA Chapter



 “Being strong is empowering – which is especially important for women today.  My love of powerlifting shows my daughters that women can be tough and still feminine.”

Rupa Dainer, U.S. Navy, Washington, DC Chapter



“Sports and physical activities are essential to my well-being. They help keep me engaged and connected with like-minded folks, and provide great stress relief and health benefits.” 

Mila Dimal, U.S. Navy, Colorado Springs, CO Chapter



“Sports are essential in my life – doesn’t matter if you are the fastest or the greatest, just getting off the couch and participating counts, and helps keep my mind and body healthy.”

Bernadine Donato, U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force, Raleigh, NC Chapter



“Although the training can be difficult, the challenge is always welcome. I can leave my troubles on the course.”

Indira Glennon, U.S. Army, Columbia, SC Chapter

“Every run, every race, is therapy for my body and mind. I’ve found a family in Team Red, White & Blue forming authentic relationships through physical, social, and volunteer service.”

Sarah Holzhalb, U.S. Coast Guard, Covington/Mandeville, LA Chapter

“Staying physically active not only keeps me physically healthy, but mentally and emotionally healthy too. When I run, cycle, or practice yoga with friends it lets us connect through the challenge and sense of achievement. When I practice or workout on my own it’s meditative, allowing me to be present in the moment and to find peace of mind.”

Aron Lanie, U.S. Army, Wilmington, NC Chapter

“The mountains are my zen: they are where I go to recenter, rebalance, and ultimately challenge myself to be stronger and more resilient than when I arrived.” 

Elyse D. Ping Medvigy, U.S. Army, Washington D.C. Chapter

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