Eagle Fire…There’s finally an app for that

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“Hey, when are we going to get an App?”

I’ve been asked about a Team RWB app as long as I’ve been working here (over four years now!)…almost weekly at some points. My response was always, “Sure, but not anytime soon.” 

I love mobile technologies, but I also know from past experiences that it’s not an easy lift until you have an architecture to support it, and understand the business processes that need to be in place to deliver the best user experience possible. In 2015, we were not in a position to consider an initiative like this. Fast forward to 2018 and I knew Team RWB had developed the necessary infrastructure to support this investment. More importantly, we knew what problems we were trying to address for members regarding event discovery, profile management, and event engagement. 

After months of design, development, and testing, I’m stoked to announce that we have launched the first version of the Team RWB Mobile App via iOS and Android. Although we offer many of these features via our mobile website today, we realized over the past 18 months we needed to enhance and evolve these capabilities through a more tailored and focused experience.  

With that said, a user will now be able to do the following via the Team RWB App:

  • Register for a new account and manage their profile.
  • Discover thousands of different events taking place across the nation.
  • Filter and search for events by keyword, location, distance, activity category, and chapter affiliation.
  • View event details including the time, location, and host.
  • Identify their interest in attending events and check-in after participating in a Team RWB event.
  • View other individuals attending events.
  • Access their event history, both upcoming and past events.
  • Share events with other veterans and civilian supporters.

You can download the mobile app today via the App Store and Google Play. Give it a drive and let us know what you think. This is just the beginning for us. We know that mobile and wearables will continue to play a powerful role in how we engage and enrich the lives of veterans in the months and years to come. 


I want to thank my fellow colleagues at Team RWB and our partners at the Schultz Family Foundation, Rule29, Firefly Partners, and Retronyms for their efforts in making this App a reality. 

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