Eagle NamasDay 2020 Virtual Practices

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On February 22, World Yoga Day, we’re asking you to join us as we highlight the healing powers of yoga and create community for veterans across the nation as part of Eagle NamasDay! Click here to find a free, local NamasDay practice near you, and don’t forget to join us every day here for a free virtual yoga practice. Be sure to check-in (links below) and let the world know that you took on the day’s yoga challenge. Participants will be entered to receive one of multiple prizes. 

Sunday, February 16: Chair Yoga (20 minutes) 
Team RWB Eagle Leader and military spouse, Chris Oliver (200 RYT) shares her joy for yoga with Eagle Nation through an Eagle NamasDay chair yoga practice. This practice is for every body and everybody and can be completed anywhere using only a chair! Click here to check in! 

Monday, February 17: Restorative Yoga + Yoga Nidra (20 minutes)
Having struggled with Post-Traumatic Stress after multiple deployments to Afghanistan and a difficult transition home, Army Veteran, Veterans Yoga Project Ambassador, and United We Om board advisor Rafael Rivera credits yoga with saving his life. In this 20 minute video, Rafael shares the physical and mental benefits of yoga through this restorative Eagle NamasDay practice, which includes yoga nidra. Expect to feel restored, refocused and renewed! Check in here. 

Tuesday, February 18: Vinyasa Yoga (20 minutes)
In this 20 minute video, Rafael leads us through a vinyasa yoga practice, connecting breath to movement, creating flow. Expect to feel energized and grounded when you leave your mat! Check in here.

Wednesday, February 19: Flow & Restore (20 minutes)
In this Flow and Restore lead by Ft. Bragg Army spouse, Joey Moehrholt (200 RYT) of Joey Moehrholt Yoga, you’ll both strengthen and lengthen your body leaving you feeling energized, refocused, and refreshed! Don’t forget to scroll to the end (30:30) if you’d like to incorporate a special bonus clip using a harmonium (pump organ) into your practice. Click here for even more yoga recovery poses from Joey, and check in through the Team RWB App here.  

Thursday, February 20: Yin Yoga (20 minutes)
Jenny Jared (E-RYT 500+, YACEP), Co-Founder of United We Om, a non-profit that shares the transformative practices of Yoga and Meditation with under-resourced, vulnerable and trauma-impacted communities, has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years and the practice has had a profound impact in her life. She shares with us Yin Yoga where you’ll focus on breathing and mindful listening along with the physical asana of the practice with plenty of guidance from Jenny on how to make this practice your own.  In this practice, you’ll find the tools you need to move through discomfort on and off the mat! Check in here. 

Friday, February 21: Coherent Breathing (7 minutes)
Matt Jared, Co-Founder of United We Om, a non-profit that shares the transformative practices of Yoga and Meditation with under-resourced, vulnerable and trauma-impacted communities. In this practice, Matt shares a breathing technique developed by Dr. Richard Brown. This is a great exercise you can incorporate into your life any time you need to ground yourself, refocus, or relax! Check in here.

Saturday, February 22: Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga (30 mins)
Get ready to sweat!  Brittany Palugod (RYT 500+), co-owner of Grace & Glory Yoga, and Director of Operations for the Baptiste Foundation, will lead you through an adapted Journey Into Power sequence common to all Baptiste power yoga practices this #EagleNamasDay.  Completely modifiable, this athletic practice will link breath to movement and invite you to find your edge. You’ll leave your mat feeling empowered, energized, and centered. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, you are ready now! Check in here. 

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