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By JJ Pinter, Deputy Director | Team Red, White & Blue

One thing I’ve learned about Eagle Nation in the last few years is that they are rabid about their Team RWB Gear…in a really awesome way. As such, we’ve found it’s important to communicate far and wide whenever we make a change that relates to gear, so please read below.

To begin – here’s a bit of context:

• In 2013, we opened the first Team RWB owned store. We did it to provide our members a chance to get high quality Eagle gear, at reasonable prices – it was never about generating revenue.

• Due to our amazing members, the store grew massively over the last few years – it’s turned into a very substantial e-commerce business.

• Our mission and focus is enriching Veteran’s lives, and the gear operation has become so big that it is taking large amounts of our organizational resources (manpower and capital) to operate it, and thus away from our programs.

• Hence, we made the decision to move away from owning our own store, and work with a partner that is not only an expert in e-commerce, but also a huge supporter of our mission. This will allow us to focus on what we do – Enriching the lives of America’s Veterans.

Therefore, we’re excited to announce that our amazing friends at GORUCK will be taking over our Team RWB gear operation, starting May 15th. This will be a big win for us, as it removes financial burden and allows us to focus on our programs, and will be better for our members as our store will be run by GORUCK’s team that lives and breathes this every day.

If you’re not familiar with GORUCK, check them out. They are a veteran-owned, American business that knows and serves the veteran community. They are already a great partner of ours, and we’re excited to deepen the relationship.

Here’s the important stuff:

• We will still be working with our partners at Nike, and plan on continuing to send Nike shirts to new Veteran members as long as we are able. Our plan is for these same red shirts to be sold via our new store as well so that members can buy our standard red Nike shirt if they want.

• Over the next 60 days we will be selling all of our remaining Team RWB owned inventory and shutting down our store. Go here for some big sales in the coming weeks.

• GORUCK will be designing, producing and selling an updated lineup of Team RWB gear via a new storefront that they will run. Their merchandise is awesome, and we’re excited. I know everyone is going to love it.

There are likely a lot of questions out there about the specifics of what will be available via the new GORUCK site (color, size, etc.). Those decisions have not been made yet, but we will share widely as soon as they are finalized.

In closing, this is an exciting time for Team RWB. We’re more excited than ever about our programs, and expanding our relationship with GORUCK will allow us to attack them with more ferocity. Thanks for all you do to be a part of it.

Comments on Eagle Nation Gear

  • Holly Donley

    My name is Holly Donley. I am a new Member to RWB. The RWB shirt I received is too small. I ordered L and I need X -L short sleeve shirt. I am a Veteran Navy Nurse. I walk with RWB GROUPS. It’s embarrassing because everyone asks ‘Where’s your RWB Shirt. I am a Proud member of RWB. CAN CUSTOMER SERVICE HELP ME WITH THIS PLEASE!

  • Jack Hardenburg

    I never ordered my initial shirt. Is it still possible?

  • Kimberly Haley

    I who hope you would reconsider your sponsorship with NIKE. Especially the current situation with Colin Kaepernick and NIKE. As a veteran and being a member of TEAM RWB I do find it offensive to wear an item which a company makes and yet Colin Kaepernick won’t even stand for our flag and Nation’s Anthem.

    • Jburro

      Didn’t you serve your country to protect the right for people to express there first amendment rights? Whether you support the individuals message or not is a different concept. In other countries in the world, ANY protest against the Government is punishable by jail or worse, death. That’s why I serve. To protect those rights to speak on what you believe matters most to you.

      • AJ

        I would think that she, I, you or any other American has no problem with someone expressing their 1A rights. I believe she would certainly defend that, and by the same token she has the right not to purchase or express her thoughts to organizations she belongs to, to not purchase any products Nike or C-Kap promotes. I for one have not watched an NFL Game in more than two years for that very reason, granted – the fact that the NFL is unwatchable has helped, but, I will not support an organization with my money or time that allows the degradation of the Flag of the United States. It is no different than someone burning it on the street corner, and I would hope you would step in and stop such action if you observed it. If a team of any profession kneels on my Team Colors, (the Flag), I will not support their team colors, pretty simple really. The Concept and meaning behind the Flag is the reason why I served. Freedom is not the Right to do what you want, it is the Right to do what you ought. Love ya man….Have an awesome day!

  • Thomas

    I wasn’t able to get my initial shirt can I still get it?

  • Mary

    I am a widow of a veteran and just joined RWB. As a new member, am I to receive a shirt? If so, how do I let you know what size to send?

  • Travis Trainer

    Have the RWB leadership relooked this partnership with GORUCK yet? I am constantly disappointed in the limited items and sizes for sale on the website. I can’t be alone in thinking the store is horrible.

    • Lani

      I am a fairly new member myself and would like to figure out how to get a shirt or hat as I’m participating in some local events here and would like to represent Team RWB. The GoRuck store does not have anything in my size and for some reason, as of right now, there are no tech shirts listed.

  • Ruth E Delwiche

    Seems the GoRuck site no longer has Team RWB gear. Do you know where we can go to purchase apparel?