Eagle Nation tackles topic of mental health to challenge the stigma

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On World Mental Health Day, Eagle Nation led from the front to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health and wellness.

Women with prior military service are more than twice as likely to die by suicide as their civilian peers and male veterans are 1.3 times as likely to die by suicide as men who never served. That’s why Team RWB and the military community came together to Pledge10 and reduce isolation not only among veterans, but all Americans.

Getting Involved

On October 10th, Eagles and supporters across the nation took our pledge to challenge the stigma. They called, emailed, texted, visited or messaged 10 battle buddies to show them that they are not alone.

For those that missed out, we’d like you to know that it’s never too late to check on your battle buddies or offer them critical resources. You can also show your support by pre-ordering a sweat-activated Challenge the Stigma t-shirt from our friends at Authentically American.


With support from an all-star coalition of battle buddies, including the Bush Institute Warrior Wellness Alliance, VetTix, and Student Veterans of America among others, community members and veterans alike showed their “battle buddies” that they are not alone.


Many of our Pledge10 partners offer stigma-free mental health programs and services. Vets4Warriors Director, Maj. Gen. Mark Graham, joined us for a Pledge10 Twitter chat to discuss those resources.

Click here for more about educational, counseling, and crisis resources.

What’s next?

Team RWB Eagles will continue to challenge the stigma every day at our events. We’ll continue to reach out to our battle buddies and lead from the front on the critical topic of veterans’ mental health, Join us by signing up for Team RWB today.