EagleUp Start Team

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We want YOU on the trails with the EagleUp Start team!

Apply today!

Team RWB is launching a new experience for veterans — the EagleUp Start! We know that the hardest part of getting involved is making that first move to show up. The EagleUp Start experience provides an intensive Team RWB introduction. Through a powerful outdoor encounter, we will showcase the benefits of teamwork and challenge in ensuring your successful future.

Veterans tell us in no uncertain terms: what they miss most about active duty is brotherhood, connection, closeness, and living in the moment. Feeling part of something bigger than themselves. Being a member of an unbreakable team. We know that veterans face many transition challenges. Joining Team RWB provides a sense of belonging and purpose that leads to enrichment through increased physical, mental and emotional health. At Team RWB, we get you.

The EagleUp Start is a fully sponsored 4-day epic challenge bringing veterans together for a fast-paced, engaging, and quality experience to fuel you through your transition and beyond.

Who: Veterans, Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve. All applicants to this experience will be asked to verify their service with their DD-214 for veterans or identification for active duty.

What: Mountain Biking

Where: Fruita, CO

When: June 6-9, 2019

Applications will open April 5 thru April 19

Throughout the weekend, we will push ourselves to face the next challenge, share our stories, show up for each other, and build the kind of relationships we all knew in the military and need now.  Following the weekend, all EagleUp Start members will have regular engagement with their local chapter and Team RWB staff to ensure transition continues smoothly.

We want YOU on the trails with the EagleUp Start team! Apply or nominate someone today!