The Election Episode with Dr. Jason Dempsey

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Dr. Jason Dempsey is a lot of things:

• A Senior Fellow at CNAS
• An author and prolific writer
• An entrepreneur
• A former White House Fellow
• Former special assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
• A retired Infantry Officer in the Army

But, luckily, he’s an expert in military demographics and politics, as well. In this episode, we have a thrilling, and somewhat controversial conversation about politics, and the upcoming election. We cover topics like:

• His book, Our Army, and how he was the first person to comprehensively study political views in the Army.
• Why it’s dangerous for military leaders to get involved in politics
• How he believes the best way for civilians to support members of the military is by holding military senior leaders accountable.
• His role in the podcast Serial.
• His military startup, Millie.

Jason is brilliant, an original thinker, and brave enough to say things that most people won’t – don’t miss this episode.

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