Ep 153: DEFY the Every Day with Terrell Davis

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Denver Broncos legend, NFL Hall of Famer, and entrepreneur, Terrell Davis (TD) cofounded DEFY in in 2017. Through his work, Terrell is helping athletes of all abilities DEFY the every day.
In this episode, we cover a lot of ground including:
  1. Terrell’s transition from the NFL to entrepreneurship
  2. Why Terrell and DEFY are passionate about supporting our nation’s veterans
  3. How physical activity supports Terrell’s overall health and wellness

and much, much more!


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Team RWB teamed up with Former Denver Bronco and Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Davis and Navy SEAL Eric Frohardt for DEFY Nation, a digital platform all about overcoming life’s challenges. DEFY produces high-quality CBD infused sports drinks and other CBD products – Team RWB members can get a discount on these products using code: TEAMRWB20.

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