Ep 154: The Taji 100 Episode

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Paul Fukuma is a fourth-generation veteran, full-time Police Officer, Fire Fighter, EMT, father, husband, and the Executive Director and Chairman of TAJI 100. In today’s episode, we cover a lot of ground, including:
  • Overview of the challenge and the very first TAJI 100 hosted in Taji, Iraq in 2010
  • What it means to serve after leaving the military
  • The massive volunteer effort required to host TAJI 100 year after year
  • Incredible and life-changing stories of people who have tacked the TAJI 100 in the past and come out better than they started
  • And much, much more!


The TAJI 100 is a 28-day challenge to run, walk, jog, ruck, hike, or elliptical 100 miles in the month of February. The challenge supports our nation’s veterans and benefits Team RWB.


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