EP140: Tanner Iskra

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EP140: Tanner Iskra – Borne the Battle

Marine Corps veteran-turned-podcast host Tanner Iskra talks new media and the changing veterans and military space in the latest episode of the Eagle Nation Podcast. We cover a lot of ground, including: 

  • Tanner’s transition out of the military 
  • The Borne the Battle podcast 
  • Powerful stories of veterans 
  • The changing ways veterans are getting information 

And much, much more! 

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Comments on EP140: Tanner Iskra

  • John Nodar

    Hello, good morning..hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

    I wanted to share with you my story. I would be honored to have the opportunity to get involved with your organization, and sharing my story, and helping my Fellow Veterans, and All Children of God. My name is John Jude Nodar, and I am a Veteran of the US Navy, and an author. You can find my works on amazon.com, bn.com, and the internet listed under JJ Nodar, John Nodar.

    The reason for my communication is to build a relationship with You. I know you probably get a lot of requests, and demands, but I am different. I am not requesting or demanding anything. I am offering an opportunity to walk this journey together. I have written 3 books over the past 23 years, and they all deal with Faith, Inspiration, and My Story.

    My 3rd book, actually has to do with my life back in 1987, when I joined the Navy, the first 2 years. However, it starts at one of the worst times of my life, when I thought about doing something “Deadly”. In October 2019, for 5 days, 6 hours a day, it all flooded out of my brain, and I put it all on paper. However, the way it all came out was all jumbled, nothing was in order or in sequence. So once I had it all on paper, it was like a puzzle putting it all together, in which I did the weekend of October 13. I then submitted the “Galley Proof” to Columbia University for Nomination of “The Pulitzer Prize”, which they accepted as Non-fiction, Biography, its called “Serving God & Country, A Memoir”. They were supposed to have the contest and nominations announced back in April, but everything got cancelled due to this COVID-19. One thing that I have learned from my days as a Student Chaplain at a local hospice years ago, is that there is only 1 thing that we can do for everyone, and that is to Pray for Them. Especially during this difficult time, we must never lose Our Faith. And that is what my latest book is all about, as well. When I completed the book in December 2019, it was amazing of how God works, it actually ties in nicely with my first book that I wrote back in 1997, explaining many things..so as everything, it is all in Gods hands..I have also shared my book with the 1st and 2nd person in charge of the Navy, and have been working on a relationship, helping to grow my book with my Fellow Veterans, and All People.

    I would love to share with you my new book, and that you would be interested in sharing it through your Network, and allow people to hear my stories and read my book. Part of building a relationship with you, is that we can build something together, and I can do my part in helping you as well.

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to walking this journey together. Have a blessed day.


    John Jude Nodar