Jan 05, 2019

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Bruckfest Club

09:00 AM - 10:30 AM EST

199 W Coleman Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

Ruck across the bridge, meeting aht the Shell station on the Mount Pleasant side for start point.

Join us for our monthly ruck which is a little bit longer than the brew rucks and maybe a little bit more exercise and bring some clothes to get breakfast with the crew afterward! You'll need: - Water - I recommend at least 1 liter - 1 ruck aka backpack If you are less than 150#'s - 10#s of weight secured in the bag, you don't want it loose and bouncing If you are more than 150#'s - 20#s of weight - Comfortable running shoes/boots this is on the individual, but do not ruck in new footwear I'll bring a flag, if you would like to borrow a ruck let me know, I have extra military rucks and GORUCK bags.

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