Dec 29, 2018

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December GORUCK

07:00 AM - 07:00 PM CST

Gulpha Gorge Picnic Area, Hot Springs, AR 71901

December Ruck event will be Saturday December 29th at Sunrise starting at Gulpha Gorge State Park in Hot Springs. There will be two teams participating and the style will be Star Ruck. Each participant and team will receive grid coordinates. Team 1 will be doing 13.1 miles in 5:00 hours. Team 2 will be doing the same course and returning for 26.2 miles in 10:00 hours. Each team is expected to Selfie at coordinate points, and carry first aid kit and hand held radio (gmrs style). Each person is required to carry, 10 pounds weight separate from other item if they weigh below 150 pounds, and 20 or more if over 150 pounds. Each person will also carry 2 to 3 liters of water, and snacks for along the way, if your cell will not last for the duration figure on bringing a charge device. Optional is additional socks (non cotton), blister kit, electrolytes, rain, weather layers, and hat, bandanas are often helpful, or towels. Each team will also be issued a Marine Corps soft litter in case of injury. The terrain can be steep and some parts are minor technical. There will be a SAG vehicle for water, gatorade, and injury resolution with a radio. The SAG points will be announced at event start.

At no point during the event will folks be more than two miles from access - this is for safety do not exceed the boundaries.

Sunrise is at 7:18 and Sunset is at 5:11. We will meet at Gulpha Gorge at 7:00 a.m. and expect participants to be back in to Gulpha by 7:00 pm.

Drops will occur at SAG points only and will be discussed at event start. Any major injury or incident immediately suspends event for that team until resolution. Everyone comes home folks.

Gulpha Gorge Picnic Area

Hot Springs, AR 71901


Gulpha Gorge Picnic Area

★★★★☆ · Picnic Ground · Hot Springs, AR 71901

Tom Avery,

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