Apr 25, 2021

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Eagle Nation Live! Why Mobility Matters in Fitness (Virtual)

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM AKDT

Prevent injury and make gains!! Join us and special guest Michelle Montoya for a discussion of the role mobility plays in fitness and how impaired mobility affects gains in strength and increases injury. Come dressed for movement as we'll perform some group stretches and self-assessment to help you gain insights on your current range of mobility and areas for improvement. Bio: Michelle Montoya is a certified Fascial Stretch Specialist, certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, certified Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist and Certified LifeStretch Instructor. She owns her own business, Full Motion BodyworX, which uses a combination of stretch therapy and fitness to help people improve their strength and mobility while also relieving pain and correcting imbalances in the body.

Click HERE to join the zoom meeting!

Thea Jorgensen, [email protected]