Jul 25, 2019

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Eagle Walk and Ruck (Richmond)

06:00 PM - 07:00 PM EDT

212 W. Sixth Street, Richmond, VA 23224

Join us on Thursday as we ruck and walk the 9/11 Heroes Run course with our friends from the Richmond chapter of the Travis Manion Foundation. This will be our weekly ruck for this week.

Rucking offers great benefits, including increasing your fitness level through movement and your strength level through carrying weight as you move. And you get great conversation with inspiring people!

We'll start from Basic City Beer Company (212 W. Sixth Street, Richmond, VA 23224) and ruck/walk the course for approximately 4 miles. Participants can head back at any time if you don't want to go the full distance or need to finish early.

You can ruck, walk, run, ride, stroll, roll...camaraderie is built no matter how you tackle the event!

There's no established weight requirement, and you don't have to carry a ruck if you just want to walk with us. Strollers are welcome. If you don't have a ruck, a backpack may work (although try it out first, because some backpacks have thin straps that become uncomfortable when carrying weight).

Questions or comments? Post them on this event and we'll do our best to incorporate them as we develop this weekly event. Thanks! Let's see that#EagleFire!

Chris Lancia, chris.lancia@teamrwb.org