Aug 04, 2020

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Everest Challenge (Virtual) – Day 4

“You have to climb the hill to reach the summit, thinking won't get you there.”- Marty Rubin. We know Eagles are born for the storm and will tackle every obstacle in front of them. For the month of August, we're challenging you to summit Mt. Everest! Whether by mountain climbers (left + right = 2 meters), on bike, on foot, on gym equipment Eagles will ascend 8,848 meters, the equivalent of Mt. Everest. Download the calendar below to help you track toward your goal. We've given you an extra day to catch-up if you get behind! Remember to click the check-in button for every day you climb so your teammates know they're not alone on the mountain! Coming soon: finisher graphic to share when you reach the top!

Download your calendar HERE!

Amanda Rondon, [email protected]