Mar 26, 2020

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Functional Fitness: It’s All in the Wrist (Virtual)

WARM UP: Wrist mobility helps keep your grip strong and allows you to easily push and pull. To work the wrists, bring your hands in front together in front of your face, palms together. While keeping your palms together, slowly move your hands down in front of your chest. Keep going until you can no longer keep your palms touching. Repeat 10 times. WORK IT: Push it up the mountain 3 rounds of push ups, running, and mountain climbers, with a 1 minute/30 seconds work to rest ratio. Start with push ups for a minute, rest, then run/bike/row/walk for a minute. Take another rest and complete the mountain climbers for 1 minute. After another rest, repeat everything two more times. You can substitute running outside with running in place if needed. Join the Team RWB Functional Fitness page for more info and movements!

Team RWB Fuctional Fitness

Cindy Moore, [email protected]