Mar 25, 2020

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March Madness Challenge – Round 2 (Virtual)

Your state’s bragging rights and Team RWB swag are on the line! For the first time in our 10 year history, we’re hosting a nation-wide Team RWB throw down! Now is the time to recruit, rally, and rise to the challenge! Your team has been assigned based on your mailing address. Check-in when you're done to score a point for your team. Find all of the challenge details, including the bracket, at the link below! ROUND TWO WORKOUT: Complete the following workout in honor of the 3,508 Medal of Honor Recipients being recognized on National Medal of Honor Day. Two rounds of 35 reps, 2 rounds of 08 reps. Air Squats / Push-Ups / Mountain Climbers (L + R = 1) /Sit-Ups. Modify or substitute as needed. Learn more about the 3,508 Medal of Honor Recipients at!

March Madness Bracket +Challenge Details

Movement Demo with Modifications

Amanda Rondon, [email protected]